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Name: darian adams
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 02/05/2011
Dynamic Rating: 4.24
Description: Like to play tennis on short notice. Like to have fun with tennis.
Matches Played: 162
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 111
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 91% (based on 101 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.61 out of 5 (based on 101 reports)
What Others Say:
“Darien has very good left-handed spin and power. very tricky to try to make could ball contact”
“Has good serves and top spin shots on both sides, enjoyed playing.”
“Darian is a great guy to play with. He is easy going and pleasant to talk to. At the same time he has a lot of power in his game from both wings as well as serves. Cut down your errors Darian - and you will quickly rise to the top.”
“When Darian is in form, he's unbeatable. But when he out of sorts, he beats himself with unforced errors. I feel I have very little to do with the result of the match. :)”
“Lefty serve hard to handle. ”
“very strong on forehand..perfect shots with heavy topspin.Pleasure to play with Darian.”
“Really enjoyed the competitive match.”
“Darian improved his already great tennis drastically over the past few months. His serve has profound lefty spin, his shots are very strong and precise, and his control of the ball is amazing. What a pleasure to play tennis with him!”
“Darian has a fast serve and a killer forehand. He hit a lot of winners. The backhand is a little weak but I couldn't exploit it. ”
“Very strong one shot punch. Left hand shots are very hard to handle.”
“Darian got a lot of free points with his tricky lefty serves today. The ground strokes were also clicking on both wings. It was fun as always playing with Darian and look forward to a rematch.”
“Another fun match with Darian. It's always a pleasure playing Darian and would love to play again soon.”
“Playing Darian is a lot of fun! Great guy with great tennis skills and sportsmanship.”
“Darian is an excellent player with tricky lefty serves and solid ground strokes. It was a pleasure playing with Darian and love to play Darian again.”
“He got some great top spin on his serves and forehands, and just too much for me to handle. I'd like to play him again.”
“Good shotmaker fun to play against”
“Nice guy to hit with. Good servs back hand”
“Enjoy playing Darian awesome strokes and fair line calls.”
“Excellent player I will want to play him again.”
“Darian serves at the professional level. Very difficult to do anything about it. And he is a very nice guy.”
“Very cool guy with solid game. Got difficult spinning forehand and good angeled backhand.”
“Another tough match against Darian - 2.5 hour workout. ”
“As usual, playing Darien was a top quality experience.”
“Strong player. powerful serve and great ground strokes.”
“Had a lot of fun to play tennis with.”
“What a great guy Darien is! He has beautiful lefty game which gave me lots of trouble. His shots seem effortless and yet have a lot of power. At the same time, he is an easy-going gentleman and it is a pleasure to talk to him.”
“No complaints, great competitive spirit and fair play.”
“Very strong left handed player. Good shots, and uses the lefty angle well.”
“Great competitor”
“Had great fun playing against Darian”
“Excellent all around game. There isn't a single weakness in his strokes.”
“Cool guy with a great lefty serve and heavy forehand.”
“Lefty with very good all court game. Generous calls and good sportsmanship.”
“Darian is a tough competitor and also are very fair on line calls. He can hit the ball for winners off the forehand and has low deep slices on his backhands. ”
“Playing a match with Darian was one of the most pleasant and rewarding experiences of playing on the One Click Tennis network. Darian is a classy payer with a huge number of tools to win points. He is alsion a perfect gentleman and athlete. It would be nice to have an opportunity to play more tennis with him.”
“Cool guy with powerful serves, a tricky slice, and an accurate forehand.”
“Had a good match with Darian. both were lefties so made it interesting. ”
“Playing tennis with Darian has always been a fun experience. He has a wicked backhand slices that stay low and penetrating through the court. Super fair on line calls. Will play with him again many more times.”
“I had a great 3 set match with Darian. Great player and fun to play with. ”
“Excellent player. Enjoyed playing with Darian.”
“It was fun playing Darian, especially so given that he is a left hander. My backhand got a good work out in the process! His heavy forehand was also a good challenge to deal with.”
“Halt by rain. Hope for rematch someday^^”
“He should not have lost the game to me. Howeve, the condition was just too hot, and took a big toll on him.”
“Darian is a fun guy to play with. He doesn't take things too seriously which make the game fun and relax. Watch out those down-the-line forehand passing shots which he can hit all day long! Will definitely play Darian again when I get a chance.”
“Had to leave early when Darian was kicking my butt...... Will give him full satisfaction next time!”
“solid players. generous line calls. He actually gave me a very good workout. will play again.”
“another excellent match...Lots of great plays from Darian”
“Really cool guy with a great lefty serve and a hard to handle slice. It was fun to get schooled by Darian.”
“Always a pleasure to play with. ”
“nice guy...great serves and shots. moves well and gets to lots of balls....woud play again”
“Darian is a nice guy and a great player. Enjoyed playing with him.”
“Typical lefthander, good serve good forehand. Dave”
“Strong player with good first serve. ”
“a southpaw with slice that skids, Darian can hit his one-handed backhand quite of few ways. His balls in general stay low and sometime can be hard to dig it up.Had a trouble to attack his serves consistently. Well-played!”
“Very nice guy, very fair line calls, and quality shots! ”
“Easy going, Courteous and Gentleman on court. I would like to play anytime with Darian. Good player with overall game. ”