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Nickname (OCT #):Toshi (1027)
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 09/18/2006
Dynamic Rating: 4.2
Description: N/A
Matches Played: 73
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 0
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 96% (based on 50 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.78 out of 5 (based on 50 reports)
What Others Say:
“Enjoyed my match with Toshi. Hope to play him again. ”
“Great all around game and excellent net game.”
“An all rounded player. Strong at the net with great ball anticipation. Friendly, competitive but fair.”
“Had really fun game with Toshi. Exceptionally good at net play. Hard to do pasing shot and all the lobes were out :< Hope to have another fun match. Thanks Toshi.”
“Toshi has awesome net skills, lots of variety as well in his groundstrokes and serves, great player!”
“Toshi is an excellent all-court player. Very quick around the court and get to most of the balls. Best volleyer that I've faced in One Click. Toshi is an extremely nice person and it was a pleasure playing with Toshi.”
“best volleyer I have played on one-click”
“Very good court coverage and ball control and placement. Great passing shots. Easily a 4.0 player.”
“Toshi has improved tremendously in his ground stroke and consistency. His net play is and has always been his greatest strength. Wish I had handled the pressure from having him always at the net better. Great person.”
“Very nice touch at the net.”
“Very athletic player. Great hands at net. Makes you work for your points. Had a lot of fun playing him.”
“very competitive match ..very good at the net”
“Extremely nice guy, great net play, solid ground strokes. Very enjoyable game. ”
“Toshi is very nice person. He is extremely consistent vollier and can move opponents very well. He forced me to hit good shots in order to win points. Call me anytime if you want to play another match. - Henry”
“Toshi is one of the nicest guys on oneclick. His net play is very impressive.”
“Toshi has the best volleying skills I have ever seen. His game has no weakness and you better be prepared to play your "A" game against him. I believe he extremely under-rated and should be a 4.0 player.”
“great volleys!!!! dangerous at net.”
“Awesome at the net. ”
“Good serve positioning. Moves the opponent around well. On strong serves or shots, quickly approaches the net. ”
“Very cool person. Toshi is on net before you hit the ball and has great control over net. Nice serve too.”
“good guy - good player”
“Very nice person and strong player, particularly at the net.”
“good to paly with - has an excellent net play and approach shot ability”
“Very nice young man just focused on game”
“Great people, great player”
“good @ the net”
“best double player I've played with, Hopefully we'll play more.”
“Played well most of the time/most errors were at net. He was an easy tennis partner.”