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Name: Jim Hancock
Member Since: 11/01/2003
Dynamic Rating: 4.07
Description: Assume our match is on even if I don't confirm. Many times I am offline throughout the day but I will always check the website within 30 minutes of match time.
Matches Played: 177
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 37
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 94% (based on 71 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.80 out of 5 (based on 71 reports)
What Others Say:
“Very pleasant to play with. Big forehand. Very fit, can play defense as well as offense.”
“great guy with a great forehand”
“Jim is a tremendous guy both on and off court.He has lot of talent and is very competitive.He is best returners of the game and will hit you power full winners of both wings.Extremely great line calling Awesome guy and Awesome game.”
“Great player. Had a tough match with Jim due to his forehand and towards the end I just couldnt keep up with his consistency.”
“It was a pleasure to play with Jim. Great attitude, very fair line calls, friendly.. Will love to play with him again”
“Very pleasant high-pace match as usual with Jim. Jim's power and precision is overwhelming. Perfect manners, too.”
“Jim became a 4.5 level player. Every of his shots is powerful and well placed. It is a pure pleasure to hit the ball back to him if I can.”
“Really cool guy with a good forehand when he goes for it. Fast around the court and very fair calls. Played a smart match today.”
“Incredible sportsman. Fair line calls and fun personality. Jim has got a nasty forehand when he decides to hit em and overall consistent, aggressive player. ”
“Jim was at his best in the second set with powerful & precise shots that decided the match outcome. What a great athlete!”
“Jim got powerful forehand and a good game overall.It was good experience playing with him.”
“Jim played perfect tennis this time. His shots were powerful and precise. He has made a very few errors. It was a pleasure to watch his tennis.”
“Jim is fun to play because he hits each ball with passion. He is also a true gentleman. It is pure pleasure to meet Jim on the courts.”
“Cool and very interesting guy, has very solid forehand and hits amazing shots from very difficult positions. ”
“Pleasant, personable, friendly. Hustles, grows stronger as match progresses. ”
“Jim's a great guy. Friendly, nice, polite. ”
“Nice easy going man. generous line calls.”
“Jim is a great player... He is very fair on line calls and I enjoyed playing with him...he has all the shots in the book and I look forward playing with him again.”
“gr8 person to play with. love to play again. ”
“Very strong player. Great timing on his forehands.”
“It is always a pleasure to play tennis with Jim. Every shot is consistent. Good serve, top spin backhand and forehand. Fast player. Good personality. ”
“Very nice guy and an excellent player. Consistently produces high caliber shots and hits winners with his forehand and backhand.”
“Well, Jim dominated the court this time. Great performance!”
“What a cool guy! Nice, friendly, fair ( more than fair)... It was such a fun match. Solid forehand, backhand, slice; good battles. Definitely will play tennis with him again. ”
“We had another great match. Somehow the starts aligned for me this time but this is just a small dent in the sequence of matches dominated by Jim. It is noteworthy that Jim presented perfect sportsmanship including an elegant line call on the deciding point of the match.”
“Jim improved his tennis lately. His forehand shots from the ad corner are lethal. Jim is such a great athlete than even losing to him is gratifying.”
“competitive, fair and fun”
“Matches with Jim are always fun.”
“It was great to play Jim again! Responding to Jim's power shots is fun. His perfect manners and interesting personality adds to the pleasant tennis experience.”
“great solid player. loves the sport. Looking forward to play him.”
“Always fun playing with Jim. Not so fun to lose to him ;-(”
“Jim is nice and plays very well too. He is consistent on both sides but he could improve more his serve. I'm glad I played against him, it was a great match :)”
“Jim is a courteous player with strong forehand and good overall games.”
“Great guy, great tennis, great time, exceptional line calls, highly recommend”
“good guy; great competitor”
“Very nice guy!”
“Very quick...deceptive forehand...solid player”
“Jim is a really nice guy with a great game. He has excellent court coverage, control, and tactics. He shows strong sportsmanship and was a pleasure to play with.”
“Nice guy, fun to play and talk with”
“Jim has a good overall game with a lot of potential to move up towards 4.0. A very pleasant and cheerful person. I enjoyed playing him.”
“Jim is a very smart and competitive player. Has nice shots and really good court coverage. It was a pleasure meeting him and playing with him!”
“very cool guy to talk to. really outgoing and a competitive player!”
“Great guy. Good forehand and movement.”
“Good player. His serve lulls you into thinking he is easy to beat but he has good ground strokes. Covers the court very well and that makes it hard to hit winners.”
“It is always a pleasure to combat Jim on courts.”
“great guy,smart,quick and strong.”
“Jim is a nice guy, fun to play with.”
“Excellent player, great guy. ”
“even though he arrived late he was respectful enough to let me know. he was nice and gave me good advice.”
“Jim is a fighter - don't take anything for granted when playing him!”
“nice guy, good player, fun match”