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Nickname (OCT #):Dj (1256)
Member Since: 11/09/2006
Dynamic Rating: 4.08
Description: I'm a 3.5 USTA player; I play at the university of Santa Clara; i'm available in the evenings and on the week-ends.
Matches Played: 176
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 18
No shows: 8
Timely Arrivals: 99% (based on 79 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.44 out of 5 (based on 79 reports)
What Others Say:
“Every time play with Dave you need to figure out how to handle his powerful first serve and deceptive second serve. Good play, Dave!”
“all around player... good serve.”
“I had to work very hard to bounce back against DJ. He is a great player with strong serve and good movement around the court.”
“Its inspiring to see Dave play with so much enthusiasm. He doesn't give up easily. Nice serve and good ground strokes. Had a good long match and would love to play him again soon. ”
“Dj is a shrewd player with a tough deep/short game! Great match..”
“Great guy to play with”
“As usual it was a great battle on the court vs. DJ. He has an improved serve and he posted a number of sweet aces. His ground game is as solid as ever and he has incredible stamina! Great match!”
“Strong first serves..Very good court coverage..Fair calls and a very personable guy to play with”
“Dave is first class. Great to play with.”
“Always a great match.”
“Nice to play with. He had good serve and forehand. He covers the court pretty well too and reads your game well.”
“Dave has excellent form and great pop on his serves. I'm glad he doesn't just chop and slice like most players his age. Great match!”
“Nice guy, fair line calls.”
“Dave staged nice comeback. Handled conditions better than I did. ”
“DJ came up with big serves. we had an excellent match today.”
“Nice guy. Pleasant. Polite.”
“Great first serve, tracks down lot of balls making it difficult to put him away :) had bit of a tantrum when match was starting to turn in my favor, but later apologized for it. so its all good.”
“Incredible tenacity, determination and competitive spirit. I LOVE playing guys like this! He runs down balls you swear are winners. ”
“DJ is pleasure to play with. He has good serves. Can improve on consistency ground strokes.”
“super nice guy. ”
“Very nice guy with good sense of tennis strategy. Fun and enjoyable to play with. ~ Great tennis player.”
“Very generous line calls. Fun to play against.”
“Nice person with elegant tennis skills. Can hit great passing backhand”
“David plays elegant tennis with perfect manners. Our match was a very pleasant experience.”
“DJ, did NOT knows oneClickTennis system well, Thought I our match was setup and a bit feisty on his manner and reported that I did No Show. I had NOT confirmed the match online and when he called I have a legit reason Not to play and I did apologized I can't play due to other obligated to other engagement. He is a bit rude because of his anger. Bad temper and manner! ”
“Curteous and serious opponent.”
“Always a pleasure to play DJ.”
“DJ is a fighter, returns every ball - we had a battle royale :-). Would love to play him again”
“DJ is a lot of fun and calls a fair game. Solid flat first serve is fun to hit back. ”
“Big props to DJ. This guy is amazing. He's very athletic, has a good serve, and a well balanced ground game both on the baseline and at the net. He's also a nice guy and a big fan of baseball. ”
“Dj is a nice guy and I enjoyed the match with him. He has a great serve on both sides of the court. He also has a very good overhead so better lob him well or he'll put it away. He is also very good with placement. He knows my backhand is quite weak and able to pick me a part by that. ”
“To beat DJ, you must fight every point. Watch out for his serves, lob, and his approach shots. He has some weird topspin forehand that goes in. A great competitor and friendly player. ”
“Good Hustler and Competitor , it was fun - Arun”
“DJ is a solid player. Much improvement since last time we played”
“great competitor”
“As usually, it is always a pleasure to play DJ. He's got fast legs and lots of stamina!”
“Steady and fast with strong first serve. Competitive on court, but fair and courteous. Pleasant to talk to off court.”
“Great guy but he missed the score a few times.”
“He is very competitive .. enjoyed the game thoroughly. Watchout for that powerful first serve.”
“very nice person..a great sport!”
“Strong first serve and good patient play. Nice guy!”
“Nice player.”
“DJ was generally courteous, and played exceptionally, considering he had just had eye surgery. Rage on, buddy.”
“DJ is a very consistent and smart player. Looking foward to play again”
“Very consistent game. Good forehand. When needed He can serve aces. He is good at net too. I had good time playing with him and would like to play in future. ”
“solid & competitive spirit ”
“Nice gentleman. Even though it was too windy, he managed to play really well. He is very good at net too. I felt I am old to play tennis but when I saw David playing tennis at his age, it gives us so much hope that playing tennis can be fun for another 50 years to come. OneClickTennis has to really appreciate these men. ”