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Nickname (OCT #):tf (1355)
Member Since: 01/07/2007
Dynamic Rating: 3.9
Description: N/A
Matches Played: 337
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 107
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 100% (based on 195 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.32 out of 5 (based on 195 reports)
What Others Say:
“While I have played with Tad before and found him to be good guy - today he appeared to be something completely different. We had a lot of distractions from the adjacent court which had a family with a couple of very young girls playing (ages about 6-8). Their balls very constantly coming into our court. But I was disturbed by Tad's use of profanity on them along with uttering the "F" word multiple times. I then took him aside and privately told him that what he was doing was wrong and she should tone down his rhetoric. I found his behaviour especially unforgivable since I have young children of my own. Instead of settling down, Tad informed me that he was quitting after a next few games. This was despite the fact that the family with the young girls decided to leave. Tad you should be ashamed of your behaviour today. You mentioned that you have kids of your own. I do not think you would use the kind of language in front of them that you used today. I can understand why you got distracted. I was distracted too. But the courst over here are PUBLIC courts and they are used by all kinds of people - including kids who cannot control their shots. Learn to live with that. Also I question your integrity. After agreeing that we will declare this match with myself being the winner since you decided to quit, you conveniently decided to close this match as cancelled. SHAME ON YOU TAD. You mentioned in the end that I am not your father and should not comment on your behavior. Well I am indeed not your father but I will not tolerate such behaviour in my presence - regardless of who it is. I find you to be a boorish complainer. Complaining about the balls (as in the previous game), complaining about the visibility, complaining about the court, etc. I think you take this game way too seriously - and you should since you are just an average recreational player like myself and many others on one- click. We are through Tad. If you man enough to apologize for your behavior - you know who I am and how to reach me. ”
“Yesterday the balls were somewhat defective and affected Tad's power game. Normally Tad is a very tough with a very agressive game. I always enjoy playing Tad and love to play Tad again. ”
“Tad has a great strategy of getting his opponent out of position then quickly closes into the net for a volley put-away. I always have fun playing with Tad and definitely will play Tad again. ”
“Tad was playing well today but unfortunately got injured. Hopefully Tad will get well soon and look forward to having more exciting matches with Tad in the new year.”
“Tad has improved his overall game from the ground strokes to the volley. I enjoyed my tough match with Tad today and will play Tad again soon. ”
“Tad is reinventing himself...he's hitting with more power and aggressiveness. If he can keep up the intensity at this level, and able to focus and not get distracted by his surroundings, he'll be tough to beat. ”
“Very friendly and nice guy. Good solid all around player. Hits balls with a lot of spin and is very quick around the court. Real fun to play with. ”
“cool guy with a consistent game. too bad we couldn't finish our match as my strings broke.”
“It was again a fun match with Tad. His backhand down the line is a thing of beauty and his net game puts a lot of pressure on the opponent. Look forward to more exciting matches with Tad.”
“Always a please to play against Tad.”
“It's always fun to play with Tad. Look forward to playing Tad again.”
“As usual, Tad played a stylish tennis and was very kind on the court. It is always nice to meet him for tennis.”
“his strategy is to let you make the mistakes”
“Good tennis player. Has a very good backhand and down the line serve/volley game. Very quick too. ”
“Always fun to play with Tad. He is a true gentleman on the court.”
“It was fun playing Tad again since it's been a while. The sun bothered him more than it did me and did not allow him to play his game today.”
“I played 2nd time with him. He is excellent competitor..with strong backhand and curling service .and good drop shots.he is good at net too..will want to play again with him.”
“Pleasant and talkative, high net clearance. Perfect guy to get my rhythm back.”
“Very consistent player. Would wear you down if you are playing offense ”
“It was good game with him. He should be better rated definately..Some tight calls,but the opponent is the better judge...I will love to play with him again..”
“Enjoyed playing Tad. Was generous on line calls. Good conversation between games. Tad is quite consistent and has good passing shots off both wings.”
“Made deragatory comments toward me. Repeated unfair line calls.”
“Strong backhand”
“Always fun to play with Tad. Good work-out for both of us.”
“Tad played incredible for 1 set and 2 games, counter-punching and going to the net. Tad is always a lot of fun on the court as he likes to talk and socialize.”
“It's nice playing with Tad after a long time. Tad has improved his game with very nice backhand that can either go down the line or cross court. Tad won a lot of points off his backhand today. The volley also is getting better. It was a tough and enjoyable match and I look forward to playing Tad again.”
“Nice guy. Very consistent tennis player. Never missed his 2nd serve the entire match. Will play a rematch with Tad again soon. ”
“Good consistent game, never fails to point out foot faults :-)”
“Nice playing Tad as usual. He has a very balanced game with good shots from both wings.”
“Tad was very courteous and fun to play with.”
“great guy”
“ ”
“Very friendly. Even acted as my cheerleader when I became frustrated.”
“Tad is very friendly and social on court, which makes it fun. Contrary to some other comments, I found him very fair-play as he gave me a few balls that I thought were out. I was lucky he ran out of steam towards the end of the match. Good net game.”
“Tad is a very consistent player, has good backhand passing shots down the line, runs down every ball. Good spirit and sportsmanship.”
“Nice guy. Refreshingly willing to talk talk about the match, shot strategy, etc. Am looking forward to playing them again. ”
“nice guy.”
“Tad has a very balanced game. He is quite easy going and I really like playing with him. His use of heavy top-spin allows him to hit the ball pretty hard but make relatively few errors. ”
“Tad called the score wrong repeatedly in his favor and then he called the game score wrong, again in his favor. When I explained that it could not possibly be that score, he got mad and left in a huff! ”
“if you need to fit in a trouser go to play with tad and he will make you loose some pounds”
“nice guy”
“Tad was very tough for me to deal with since he puts a lot of spin with little pace. The wind was very strong during our game but he handled it better than me. It was an enjoyable game nontheless.”
“Tad has an all-court game and can surprise you with some quick net plays.”
“Nice guy, comments are all correct.”
“Tad's game is strong in areas that most others are weak.”
“Fun match. Tad enjoys tennis. Consistently deep ground strokes and nice service returns. Pleasant conversation as well.”
“He is such a gentle man.”
“Trying to be objective on this. All the previous comments are correct. Tad is a very nice person who makes poor line calls. I questioned the 3rd bad call and he said he couldn't see the ball. My rule of thumb is if you can't see it, the point is your opponent's - dp”
“Shouldn't be ranked so high, purely defensive game. Questionable line calling. ”
“Great pre-match communication and a fun overall match. He's a solid tennis player.”
“solid game all around, very few unforced errors, I enjoyed the game”
“I always enjoy playing with Tad. Tad has nice all-court game and likes to attack the net. Look forward to playing Tad many times in the future.”
“Tad is a cheerful guy with good attitude.”
“Tad is a very pleasant guy to play with. He has very good control over his shots and has excellent court coverage. ”
“Very friendly & consistent player. I have fun and good rally's with tad. He is a very GOOD player”
“A gentleman with a very consistent game. Tad also has a great attitude which makes the match a pleasurable experience.”
“Tad is a great player to play with since he is consistently strong on both wings and good at the net”
“Good hustle at the net. ”
“Another very good match with Tad. He is very tough mentally and his heavy top-spin allows him to make very few errors. Also he is very fit and the heat today was bothering him less than it did to me. ”
“good strokes from both sides. Good sportsmanship!”
“Great guy, keeps giving feedback.”
“Tad is a true gentleman and a pleasure to play tennis with. He is extremely tough on the court and fights till the very end. ”
“Tad is a very friendly player and has a very consistent game. He gets all the shots back and make the match a great workout. ”
“Nice guy. Enjoyed the match. Feedback from others is accurate.”
“fun guy that really enjoys tennis!”
“The sun glares affected Tad's vision in the second set, even after we changed court. Other than that, Tad was a nice guy. We talked alot between points and it didn't seem to affect our focus.”
“A gentleman and plays with passion for tennis. Overall solid game.”
“ Tad is a very good player and one of the few players who comes to net to finish point. . Some tight line calls can be improved.”
“running fast”
“Very Nice Gentleman.”
“Nice and friendly. Good luck with your injury and hope to see you on the courts again real soon.”
“tad mixed it up today. he put a lot of pressure on me by coming to net and changed up the pace and height of his shots. good effort, tad.”
“Tad has improved a lot since the last time we played. Tad plays consitent and smart tennis. Very good ground strokes and had some incredible volley winners in the match today. Look forward to playing Tad again.”
“Nice guy. He had fair line calls. He does call out the score on both ends, some people might find that annoying, but it was fine by me. Would love to play with him again. ”
“a smart player. sets up his approach to the net competently and covers the court well.”
“Nice player. It was too hot to play though ...”
“it is good match”
“I was not able to play at my normal level. Tad was nice to give me an advil unfortunately it did not help. Look forwards to a rematch soon. Thanks.”
“It was fun playing Tad. Sorry about the results, it was the shoes! ”
“Nice guy, knew the finer points about the game. Enjoyed playing!!”
“Surprisingly fast around the court.”
“great game! enjoyed it!”
“Smart counterpuncher.”
“Tad made some bad calls but I gave it as a benefit of doubt. He had a very very tough time to come to grip that it is a windy day he kept yelling, and picked a fight with the neighbouring court folks. I was flabbergasted with his comments after each point and every game that he is not having any rallies. I didn’t enjoy the game that much.”
“Nice guy, enjoyed the match.”
“Tad is a nice guy; plays smart tennis; and has the shots to execute on his plan. I look forward to a re-match.”
“Good consistent player. Moves ”
“Stingy on line calls. Need to improve on this. Very consistent player.”
“Nice guy! Glad to have him as part of the one click players!!!”
“Ted is a very solid player. He just won't give up and will fight till the end. ”
“Tad had an off-day today. Our previous match was very competitive for sure.”
“Tad has to improve his line calls. ”
“Nice & friendly. Good court coverage.”
“friendly guy”
“Tad is a classy individual with a good solid overall game.”
“Tad is very complimentary. Good ground strokes. I hope I can play with him again.”
“good consistent player”
“Good ground strokes and likes to attack the net. It was a pleasure to play with Tad.”
“Friendly guy. Good habit of calling the score at every point.”