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Name: Tuan Tran
Age Group:Seniors (51-60)
Member Since: 04/06/2007
Dynamic Rating: 4.23
Description: I'm a 4.0, mostly baseline player.
Matches Played: 521
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 14
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 95% (based on 321 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.70 out of 5 (based on 321 reports)
What Others Say:
“It was a pleasure to play with Tuan again. The match was very tough and challenging as usual. His sportsmanship and fitness are amazing. After our match I was exhausted but he was ready go on for another few hours. Looking forward to playing him again during the holidays.”
“Tuan's can turn the match into a fitness contest by running everything down and having a very low unforced error rate. His game is very effective.”
“As usual, Tuan was a tough competitor who gets almost every ball back. Great workout. Had to work really hard.”
“Another great battle with Tuan - with me coming on the short end this time. He is so physically fit and mentally tough. At the same time he is so humble and such a gentleman with great line calls and attitide. Would really like to play him again.”
“Tuan is as tough as it comes as an opponent, and is enjoyable to compete against ”
“Friendly player. Returns everything and makes few errors.”
“very consistent game.”
“Plays like a brick wall. Gets everything back and has very good touch. Makes you work for every point!”
“Tuan is battle hardened warrior. He is kind of John Deere tractor who can operate in any sort of weather and terrain. I was so close to beat him but he kept rolling and got it back. He keeps his shots deep and angled backed with tremendous consistency.”
“Tuan has not only his iron mental game, but he's got weapons like double-handed backhand shot that's low and angled...also fun to chat in between games.”
“Playing Tuan today reminded me of why I love tennis so much. I had the best seat in the house watching Tuan work his magic between the lines, and I really enjoyed just chatting about the sport we love so much. We talked about everything from top pros to journeyman pros to college players, etc. Hopefully we'll get a chance to play again soon.”
“Stable and accurate ”
“consistent player. Serve is little week but consistent return keep his game going.”
“Tuan's so tough. It takes more than just a bunch of winners and aces to beat him. He's in the moment for each and every point. ”
“I showed up a bit late and Tuan was gracious. I enjoyed my match with him. He is an exceptional player with exceptional attitude. Looking forward to playing with him again.”
“Another great match with Tuan. ”
“Tuan is a very crafty player. Very good tactics. He knows how to win important points!”
“Tuan has great accuracy and depth with forehand and backhand.. And some how, when the points get more important, he is able to step up the pressure. Will be good to play again..”
“It is always a pleasure playing Tuan. He is very pleasant and easy-going and very generous on line calls. On the court Tuan is very tough. He can run down all balls and is extremely fit. For anyone playing Tuan - if you try to play his game which is long rallies and back-and- forth running, you will be TOAST! He makes almost no errors. It seemed that the only way I could get points off him was by going for the lines and hitting big winners.”
“Tuan is a very quick and consistent player, very complimentary and generous with lines. I'd enjoy playing him again.”
“What makes Tuan so tough to play is that he's focus throughout the entire match. Was very enjoyable match on a competitive level!”
“Very consistent player. Gets a lot of balls back and very tricky game.”
“Tuan is as solid as usual, every shot off his racket is made with tactical and strategic focus. also, He now is developing a deep high serve.”
“Tuan has a great defensive oriented game and has the fitness to pull it off. He is also a very friendly and pleasant competitor.”
“Good fun match. Luckily my serve was working. ”
“Best match I've played on one clich. Tuan is a class act and great player.”
“Tuan is Super consistent,specially on Backhand. He defeated me easily this time.Hope to play better next time.”
“Very consistent as everyone wrote.he plays the imp points really well.i had set points in both sets but he fought back well.good line calls and a kind person.”
“Good match, Tuan! Always a pleasure to play against Tuan. I hope to play better next time when my shoulder is back to normal. Will give you some more workout next time =)”
“Professional on the court , I Played well for the first 2 sets and couldn't keep up with him in the third - Arun”
“Playing with Tuan is one of the most pleasant experiences I have had in OCT. He is one of the best players I have played against - yet he is so humble and easygoing. He is very fit and makes very few errors. I would really like to play him again.”
“Nice play Tuan. I will keep trying.”
“Great guy to play with. ”
“Great fun playing with Tuan.”
“Great guy, heavy topspin, very consitent”
“very nice gentleman very fit, consistent enjoyed playing, very nice work out.”
“Great match with Tuan again today. His focus on important points is 2nd to none. Would love to play with Tuan again. ”
“thanks for playing and making us both play defensively, though we shouldn't have allowed that to happen. A true gentleman both on and off the court. Tuan has exceptional quickness with a deadly backhand and a good baseline game.”
“Another fun match with Tuan. Getting closer and closer to beating him. Look forward to many more great matches...”
“Very solid and consistent. Very much fun to play with Tuan.”
“Tuan can play consistently in any condition. Yesterday, the balls seem defective with a strange bounce yet he managed to play well and beat me. I could not get any pace on those balls.”
“Tuan's game was solid today, as usual. I notice a pickup on the pace of his ball, which in combination with this topspin placements make his shots difficult to return offensive shots.-- Tim”
“Tuan played his normal great defense combined with targeted offense to win. Always a pleasure to compete against him.”
“At this point I have tried everything there is... but no matter how close I get I'm unable to take a single set away from Tuan. Great fighter and a fine gentleman and a tremendous sportsman. Will keep trying ... ”
“Tuan is good at reading the match and adjusting his strategies. You need to keep the focus all the time; otherwise he would quickly take the pace and control - exactly what happened in the 1st set when I was leading 5:3 and somehow got distracted and lost the set. Lessons learned -Leroy”
“Another very nice match with Tuan. He is such a touch opponent and mentally very strong in long matches. Very generous on line calls and a real gentleman.”
“Great player and friend. One way for Tuan to move up even further is by working on a more powerful serve.”
“Tuan played his normal great game of getting to everything. Fun to play, as always.”
“It is always an honor to play a tennis match with Tuan. Great style in every way!”
“Playing from one side against the late afternoon sun and glare was blinding and difficult to even see the ball.”
“What a great guy Tuan is! He is extremely courteous and encouraged me even when my game was not very good today. He is very kind with line calls - even on important points. I would really like to play him again.”
“I really enjoy playing Tuan and look forward to many more fun matches in 2012. Happy tennis to a good competitor and partner!”
“As usual Tuan is very tough to beat. He can raise his game a level when he is behind.”
“Pleasure playing Tuan. He's got great defense. I was lucky to have all my shots go in and therefore was able to beat him. Physically Tough player.”
“Nice person and good friend. always have fun playing with Tuan.”
“Tuan is really a ball machine. No matter what shot you hit, he returns it back and makes you play really awkward shots. He has excellent return of serve and a really good tennis acumen. Also a very friendly and nice guy to play with. Will love to play again”
“Tuan is becoming a good friend now. Great tennis player! A must play!”
“Tuan was amazing today. We had long rallies but he prevailed each time. Well played Tuan.”
“Made me run like crazy .. Beat me too. Nice way to shed some pounds before the holiday season. A well deserved win Tuan. Looking forward to playing with you again. ”
“A really good guy with great consistency and wheels. Serves are low and hard to attack and he plays smart tennis.”
“Tuan played very well today and was exceptionally tough in every point. You will have to hit winners against Tuan and do it consistently to have a chance of a "W". Thanks Tuan! ”
“Tuan is a super nice guy to play with. He plays the game with the great fairness. His speed and accuracy are amazing. His focus on important points are 2nd to none. Great game Tuan! ”
“Super nice guy with solid game.”
“He calls himself the "ball machine" and rightly so ... unforced errors come only from one side of the court :)”
“As usual Tuan is extremely tough and I have to fight for every point because he seldom gives you free easy points.”
“Its always fun playing Tuan. Has an amazing ability to get out of difficult situations and more importantly win all the important points. Would like to play him again.”
“His name is Tuan Tran for a reason. "T" for tennis and "r" for ran. Make sure your game plan include lots of running and stamina. :-)”
“Everything ever said by other players on this website about Tuan is very true. His consistency and endurance is incredible. Also, he presents kindness and courtesy that make you behave like a saint.”
“Tuan is a very steady player who will punish you with his backhand if you leave the ball short. He does not miss often, so you have to hit winners to win points and games. ”
“I am lucky, to play with him today. He is very consistent,not much unforced errors. Nice service with angle.Good double handed controlled back hand..Happy to play and learn from him”
“Wonderful composure and great play. Tuan is very consistent and unless you can make winners it is impossible to beat him. Great play!! Would love to play him again.”
“Expect a physical match with Tuan. It's tough to outlast Tuan at the baseline. ”
“Tuan is very friendly, smart, and likeable player whos game will test your problem solving skills.”
“Tuan is so tough each point in and out. Be ready for a test of endurance and patience of nerves!”
“It's a pleasure to play Tuan finally. He is very quick on the court and very fit. You really need to earn the point as he won't give you any free point. Great consistent player. I would love to play Tuan again. ”
“Very nice guy. Has a great backhand down the line shot which was killing me. Fun to play with.”
“If you're the type of person who is not consistent and self-destructs, you have no chance against Tuan - he will run down every point from corner to corner. Good consistency, and nice person off-court.”
“Exceptional player and its always fun playing Tuan. He is unbelievably tough and knows how to win. He never gives up and that is what I like about him. Would love to play him again.”
“Tuan plays hard and plays fair and that is what makes playing with him so much fun. I thought I had an upper hand after the first set but he was able to re-adjust his game and fight back and ultimately he won the match. Nicely done Tuan. ”
“Nice person with an awesome game. I thought I had a couple of winners but he was able to get it back in play and take control of the point. Smart play with very few unforgced errors. If you play a very defensive game, you won't have a chance against him. Would love to play again with Tuan.”
“Tuan is tenacious. He was down 1-4 but came back to win the set. Great match Tuan!”
“Enjoyed thoroughly even though I lost... Well played Tuan. ”
“Tuan returns everything ! Require plenty of patience. Consistence on both hands. Potential weakness are high balls if you have the lucidity to attack the net... (i did not have that !!)”
“Tuan was very tough mentally on key big points as usual.”
“Man's got wheels. He took me totally be surprise. Nornally playes very defensive but mixes pretty well with good forehand topspin which are nice and deep. Would love an oppurtunity to play with Tuan again.”
“You can never count Tuan out in a match. He's mentally and physically very tough. Great match Tuan!”
“Tuan is an especially friendly, courteous guy. Fun to play with.”
“As always, Tuan was consistent. Can't make too many unforced errors when playing him.”
“Nice person to play with. gr8 match.”
“Tuan is a super nice guy! hits crazy topspin forehand and super flat backhand... and he does it with really good placement most of of the time. He's also in very good shape and gives very generous line calls. It's really nice playing with you Tuan!”
“Great match with Tuan today. Super nice guy. Consistent hitter with great endurance. Looking forward to another match.”
“It is always fun playing with Taun...will play again sometime...”
“It was an absolute pleasure playing Tuan. He is a great sportsman, is generous with line calls, and has a fantastic all-around game. I hope to play him many more times.”
“Great toplay Tuan after a long time”
“Great person with great game”
“Tuan is very healthy! He covers the entire court with no sweat and doesn't need any break between games! A great defender and turns defense to offense in a second. Consistent and makes very few errors. Perfect timing and smart with his shot selections. In short, he outplayed me in every part of the game.”
“had fun playing Tuan...nice 3 sets game..willplay again sometime.”
“Tuan is a super nice guy and very courteous. I had a good time playing him and enjoyed our chats :)”
“Tuan has strong mental toughness when it comes to tough points. This intangible skill he brings to the game makes him a very tough competitor.”
“Tuan was exceptionally tenacious as usual. We played a best of 5-setter that lasted four hrs. Great stamina and mental toughness.”
“Very consistent and quick around the court. Friendly guy and fair line calls.”
“Very good defense - you need to work hard at getting a ball passed him”
“Solid baseline player with an heavy high top spin forehand. Excellent footwork. Solid defense with a counter-punch twist. Friendly, fun and polite. FM ”
“I thought playing under 99 degree heat woud give me an edge but it helped Tuan more than it did for me. :) Tuan was very fit and outlasted me after two hours plus.”
“Tuan mental toughness and shot-making execution has improved to a higher level. He was able to hit winning passing shots and had answers to all my attacks. ”
“We started with best of 3 sets. but the way one set was going. we both agreed to change it to single set, which took almost 2 hours. Crazy. All I can say about Tuan, even after such marathon set/match, the match point from me was forehand winner barely inside baseline, which he called it good as usual. Always pleasure to play him.”
“Tuan has improved his forehand. He is now tougher to beat than ever.”
“exceptional defense, builds points beautifully, good mixture of defense and offense, did not have an answer for Tuan's error-free play, kind as always!”
“It is always pleasant to play Tuan. He plays a very steady game, always at a high level, and very kind and polite. ”
“Good consistency and defense, very kind ”
“Tuan (The Wall) has an awesome defensive game. He runs down every ball and has a "never say die" attitude. Great competitor.”
“Nice guy with a great defensive game. Looking forward to a re-match.”
“wonderful person to play with. A true gentleman and competitor”
“always great playing Tuan, really consistent and untouchable drop shots, deceptively low skidding serves, makes you run all over the place!”
“Good match as always. ”
“Tuan was just too good on the first 2 sets and I had to go for the lines in order to get points from him. I took the third set from him by mixing up my game but it was not on the score report. :)”
“Amazingly steady player off both wings, will not miss! deft drop shots and gets to every ball, 2 sets w/ Tuan is like 3 or 4 w/ anyone else, great sportsmanship and conversation!”
“Tuan is as always solid defense. Something or other preventing us from finishing the match. But today, I could dictate the game and hit several winners against his defense.”
“Tuan is a very consistent. I had no idea how to respond to his game. If we want a point from him it got to be a winner. Nice chat and fun playing with. Sam”
“Pleasure to play Tuan. Tuan is a friendly player who is quick on his feet. Like the wippy forehand and great passing shots.......”
“As consistent as always. ”
“Very consistent player with good ground strokes. Looking forward to play him again.”
“Great guy to play against. Plays fair and hard.-SM”
“Great playing with you Tuan. Sorry I had to leave a bit early because I was having tons of fun. We'll play longer next time! -Rob ”
“Good defense. Makes you earn every single point.”
“Very consistent and friendly player with moon ball ground stroke. Look forward to a rematch.”
“Tuan is a very nice person and an excellent tennis player.”
“Tuan not only gets everything back, but hits every shot with intent, beatifully contstructing points, no easy points! Kills you w/ placement, variety of pace, and consistency. Also very nice to talk to, very positive and optimistic, look forward to more matches w/ Tuan!”
“Watch out - Tuan will take it up a notch on pressure points ... ”
“Great competitor!”
“Always a pleasure to hit with Tuan. A gentleman on the court with great line calls.”
“Excellent player. Very consistent and quick. Nice guy who gave me some valuable pointers.”
“Tuan stepped up his game and took control of the match after a shaky start. Tells you how tough his mental game is. ”
“Tuan plays very smart tennis and is extremely fit. He can outlast you in endurance and stamina. Very difficult to get easy points against him unless you hit winners as Tuan seldom gives you enforced errors. Nice person as well.”
“Great match. Tuan plays a tenacious game mixed with tremendous respect for his opponent. If Tuan called me a midnight to play, I'd try and figure out a way to do it!”
“very good tennis player adn realy nice guy”
“If you want to play against this guy, be prepared to go the extra distance! Consistent, controlled shots, especially cross court. Good spirited guy, will look forward to playing again down the road.”
“tuan is like a brick wall :}”
“Good player, returns lot of balls back, won't make unforced errors. ”
“We had an epic battle. Court temperature was in the 100's and we played best of 5. But, tuan outlasted me in four sets. Very mentally tough competitor and great choice of shots.”
“Tuan has accurate placement of shots. He will wear you out, take out your knees if you don't end the points early. ”
“mr. Tran is a very nice guy, excelent tennis player, a pleasure to be around him on and off the court, looking farward to play tennis with him again”
“Tuan plays with high intelligence. His serves are not fast, but placed precisesly in the corner out of the returner's reach. Very patient with rallies and can hit a heavy topspin forehand to put you on the defensive.”
“Fair line calls, quick and gets everything back. Very nice guy and fun to play with. I'm looking forward to playing him again. ”
“good match, very mentally tough”
“good guy, smart game”
“One of the nicest guys I've met yet on OCT. Plays a Michael Chang type of game. Very consistent, courteous, but also competitive. We moved to different courts because sylvan was full and had a close match. ”
“As usual, Tuan is very consistent with great on/off court attitude.”
“Tuan has an accurate two-handed backhand and a heavy topspin forehand. His serve is unorthodox but very consistent. Getting a point from him is fairly hard becuase he can sustain twenty strokes easily. Off the court he is very courteous and offers good advices from his experience.”
“he's always consistent with accurate passing shot.”
“good guy, very patient player...”
“Superb retriever and intelligent player.-Shobhit”
“Had an injury. Hope to play him again.”
“He was a nice person and super-consistent player. It was difficult for me to win a point.”
“Tuan has got awesome endurance.”
“Tuan's an excellent hitter on both sides; very hard to get a ball past him. I had fun playing against him and would undoubtedly love to play again. He's also very courteous, has good tennis sense, and generous with line calls.”
“Tuan is a strong defensive player. If you're not on your game he will take full advantage of that. Be patient or you will be on the short end of the match.”
“solid player on both wings. Deceptive serve...Great competitor and Nice guy. Hopefully will play again. Thanks for the match Tuan!”
“Tuan is an excellent baseline player who was off his game tonight... he is a fierce competitor and has excellent strokes on both sides.”
“Friendly and helpful. Very experienced player. I would like to play with him again. ”
“It was fun to play with Tuan , Every point was a battle .”
“Great player ....adding so much value to the oneclick team with the right game spirit”
“Great guy, very honest calls. Good player.”
“Tuan is very nice person and a good player. I would definitely like to play him again.”
“Tuan was fun to play with. He is great at court coverage, makes it hard to puts stuff past him.”
“Very consistent. Very friendly, had good time practicing my strokes because he puts every ball back short and deep.”
“Very consistent player”
“The most consistent player on the planet!”
“very good player with a loopy forehand, just had a off day today, always fun to play with. ”
“Very consistent player, great attitude!”
“Very consistent player. Pleasure to play him”
“Consistent player with top spin. Very nice person to talk and play.”
“good consistent game, covers the court well, gentleman on and off the court.”
“very good teacher,learned a lot about tennis”
“nice friendly guy with consistent baseline strokes”
“Good guy to play with. Uses loopy top-spins, and gets most balls back.”
“Tuan is extremly consistent and never gives up.”
“Tuan is very consistent and fast. The match was fun as I practiced hitting hard expecting the ball always coming back. ”
“Tuan is nice guy to hit with.”
“Very Very nice guy.. Gave lot of tips. Very friendly. Would like to play with him again soon.”
“good, consistent player. always a pleasure to play with!”
“Very good player and very respectful. hope to play again again soon!!!”