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Name: william nguyen
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 03/25/2008
Dynamic Rating: 4.3
Description: i love tennis!
Matches Played: 63
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 8
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 100% (based on 42 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.86 out of 5 (based on 42 reports)
What Others Say:
“This is my 2nd time playing Will. He's friendly, fair and most important of all a solid base line game on both wing plus a competitive spirit.”
“William is the nicest guy, and very quick around the court. ”
“Really happy to meet you William, lets play again soon. Good baseline consistency and slice backhand is a high quality shot. Pretty adept at hitting passing shots with it as well, which not many can do so well with a slice.”
“Will's focus would elevate to a different level for a match that matters. I had a good day of serving, a decent execution, yet I can not get the ball by him. What I should have done in the 2nd set is to change the game plan instead of sticking with the old one, even though I wouldn't be playing my kind of game and I would lose anyway, at least I get to mix things up a little bit and see how he would react. A lesson learned! Thanks Will. ”
“Solid consistent player who can move around opponents really well. Also has a good backhand slice. Very nice person and fair line calls.”
“Excellent strokes and very consistent”
“He is very good player with great over all court covering.I really had nice time to play with him.”
“Great competitor with a solid game. Doesn't hit with pace too often but is very effective with and excellent slice that stays low and forces you to hit difficult shots. Great set of wheels and makes you earn every point.”
“Friendly personlity. A solid all rounded player with great ground stroke and excel in setting up a point and finally put it away when opportunity arise.”
“One of the best court coverage. Digs down any ball, on either side, and can make u hit error ultimately. Very jovial. Enjoyed 2 and half hours of tennis. ”
“always a pleasure playing will. Fair line calls, extremely humble, great competitor. Oh, and his game is good too.”
“Exceptionally courteous and a friendly gentleman on court. Very very fair with line calls and accurate on scores. You have to sweat to beat William because he can move well and has good over-all game as well. A must play. ”
“William is very nice and has excellent defense”
“William plays a very smart game. He plays % tennis but can hit a winner if you give him a short ball. His backhand slice is money. Serves are very consistent - he may not ace you but you won't get any double faults. His defense can lure you into going for too much but you must watch your unforced errors or he will win easily. It requires a steady, well thought out game to beat William. Excellent tennis and a great guy too. Pleasure to play with.”
“Playing tennis with and getting to know William is the ultimate experience that I was looking for when I joined One Click. Exceptional player with killer flat forehand and really consistent backhand slice that lands deep and stays low. Above all, William is a true gentleman on and off the court. It's always a fun and pleasant experience and I look forward to many more matches with William.”
“I threw the kitchen sink at William on serve and he blocked it back to the open court. Patience is a must when you play Will as he is very consistent. Very nice guy, a great addition to oneclick”
“Very friendly player with great defense and difficult flat strokes. Definitely play again”
“William played a very consistent game which is probably the reason for such a tight match. In three sets he only served one double fault, nice! Great etiquette on and off the court. Definitely look forward to future matches. ”
“Great court sense, strategy, and very solid forehand ground strokes. Impressive game.”
“William is a great addition to the OneClickTennis community. Even after losing the match William continued to show great sportsmanlike conduct. A must play! ”
“Strong forehand, smart player and super nice guy. Enjoyed the match.”
“William is a true gentleman on and off the court. William's backhand slice is really dangerous now. William can go cross court and down the line with it. It's always a pleasure playing with William and I always look forward to playing him.”
“William is a competitive player. Didn't give up after losing the first set. And we had a nice talk after the match. Look forward to playing him again!”
“Very friendly. William makes very few mistakes and has a great defense. Tough opponent to beat.”
“William played an exceptionally solid match with very consistent slice backhand and flat forehand winners. Great court coverage and deft drop shots. Always a pleasure to play with and nice conversations. Look forward to playing William many times in the future. ”
“nice guy, quick”
“William is an excellent player and very quick around the court. It was a tough match and I had a lot of fun. One of the nicest player on One Click. I look forward to many more matches with William in the future.”
“good consistent player.”
“William will run down every ball and is very consistent and focused during match play. ”
“Great all-round player and very consistent. Great match and look forward to playing William again soon. ”
“Will has no weaknesses, he is going to be a star on one clik”
“Congrats on good tournament! Will, can raise the level of the game even higher when it matters. Really nice to play with - perhaps future big name on OneClick - looking forward playing again”
“Good, consistent player”
“It was fun to play with William. Very competitive rallies, makes the game exiting and challenging. Unfortunately could not complete due to rain ”
“Wil is always great to play with.”
“Fun to play as he runs for every ball even the impossible”
“Super friendly. Fun to play with.”
“good consistent player”