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Name: Kevin Ong
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 07/05/2008
Dynamic Rating: 3.43
Description: I am a 'B' badminton player trying to become a good tennis player.
Matches Played: 204
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 1
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 100% (based on 33 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.82 out of 5 (based on 33 reports)
What Others Say:
“Kevin plays a competitive yet fair game. He is a very good doubles player and can hold his own and dictate.”
“seem to be very consistent at rally. Kevin had good forehand, not really fast but low flat shot. ”
“a real nice guy, a gentleman he played a competitive game not indicated by the score”
“Kevin is a very crafy with a good serve and a great drop shot! I look forward to our next match.”
“great guy. fun to play with. ”
“Kevin is a very nice young man who covers the court well, learns quickly and adjusts his game as needed. Enjoyed our match.”
“Excellent player, I liked his attitude toward the game, and he his observation of the golden rule of tennis "if you don't know it's in". ”
“Kevin has exceptional hustle and is still developing his aggressive style .. Very nice guy with a lot of promise”
“Very good net player. Nice to play with him agin..”
“Kevin's a great sport with a good game, especially at the net.”
“Kevin plays much stronger than he is rated. Very good at the net.”
“Nice playing with Kevin again. ”
“Nice guy to play with”
“Nice guy”
“Very nice person”
“Exceptional net skills.”
“Excellent player at the net and does not let anything go past him ... you better have a good lob else you are toast.”
“Very promising player and nice guy!!”
“Very cool guy”
“An honest and humble player. A very nice guy.”
“almost beat me with injured legs :)”
“nice guy, fun to play with”
“strong and smart player, very fair”