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Nickname (OCT #):Moni (3206)
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 07/17/2008
Dynamic Rating: 3.93
Description: Currently live in Fremont.
Matches Played: 191
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 39
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 96% (based on 87 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.29 out of 5 (based on 87 reports)
What Others Say:
“moni was a challenge...great top spin...good court coverage. Also...very good net play as well, which he did often, effectively.”
“solid strokes, good serve, and very friendly. Really enjoyed playing against Moni. Look forward to playing again. ”
“Very good player with good control.”
“Good top spin on forehand and backhand. Tricky and calculated serve and shots. Was fun playing, would like to play again.”
“strong game”
“Moni has so many strong, spinny shots. Always tricky. Very fun match.”
“It was very fun to play with Moni. Very nice player.”
“Very enjoyable to play with Moni.. He plays tennis like a good poker player: He bets bigger when he thinks the odds are in his favor..”
“Good kick serves and good forehand. Moves extremely well to put the short balls away. ”
“windy conditions - moni just overpowered me today, don't think I gave him any workout :-)”
“As always, Subramoni demonstrated stylish tennis and perfect manners.”
“Excellent all around game, plays very offensively, fair calls. Very nice person to interact with as well. ”
“Good top spin, nice to play with”
“Great guy to play tennis with!”
“Very good forhand. would like to play again”
“Subramoni is a very strong player. His ball placement is close to perfection. He is also a nice person to talk to between games.”
“I have never put in negative comments about anyone before but I am making an exception here. He has mentioned that I didnt bring new balls. To be honest our match was originally scheduled at courts 3 miles from my office so I thought I would get cans of balls on my way but Suromani insisted on playing at Santa Clara Univ courts which are 8 miles from my office (I could see why, these courts his home courts and are hugely bouncy and suit his game), so I had to rush there, hence couldnt take the new balls. He arrived late and was visibly upset to see that I had not brought new balls. He remained upset throughout the match and barely spoke with me. It was pretty uncomfortable. I apologized and told him, he need not open new can, we could use old balls but he opened a new can. I think some people totally miss the point about amateur fun tennis and start taking themselves way too seriously. This guy is petty, arrogant and certainly far from friendly. So if you have a match scheduled with him make sure you take a new can of balls or stay home.”
“good high kicking serve. very good in volleys.”
“Well rounded tennis player. Solid forehand. Enjoyable match. Would like to have a rematch!”
“Subramoni is a classy player with very strong serve, dependable ground strokes, and perfect net game. He is very quiet when playing and very charming in talking after match”
“It's always fun and challenge playing Subramoni. He is playing the game with passion and great fairness”
“Subramoni has a great first serve and even more rare, a great second serve; very tricky in that he can place it anywhere. Also keeps pressure on, constantly attacking the net with deep topspin approach shots, strong player!”
“Great serves and net plays as usual. Much more aggressive at the net. It's tough to break Moni when his serve is on. A lot of 0-40 games that were saved by great serves. Nice play today, Moni!”
“Very good and accurate second serve. Tough to beat him!”
“It always fun to play Subramoni. He has very strong and consistent serves and aggressive at the net. He is also very fair on line calls. I was totally lucky today to escape. Will definitely play with Moni again.”
“we had good tight one set, unfortunately had to give up the court and couldn't complete. he is a aggressive player with consistent serves”
“Subramoni arranged a great game at the Santa Clara University and offered a very competitive game”
“Moni is a very nice guy. He has strong+consistent 1st serves. His spin 2nd serves are hit with confidence (best 2nd serve I have played against). His net game is very good. He is also a very tough competitor. This makes the game much more fun. Moni really brings the best tennis out of me. What a tough match. Will definitely play Moni again soon.”
“Sabramoni is a very strong player with good serve, grandstrokes, and volleys. He is also a very nice person.”
“It was a fun and challenging match. The match was going all the way for Moni, until we got distracted later in the second set. Moni was true gentleman with the line calls and even replayed the point that I reversed a line call, which should have been his point. I'm not going to do that again. The true score of this match should have been 6:4 6:4 in Moni's favor. So I look forward to playing him again.”
“Good steady hands at the net. Awesome serves.”
“Pleasant guy to play with! Honest and provides great feedback. Look forward to our next match.”
“I enjoyed our game today. I was lucky to come out with the win because his volley game was slightly off.”
“He is toughest player have I played on oneclicktennis.”
“Gracious and talented player. Has a nice serve, which he can move around a lot. Enjoyed our match.”
“Very good player”
“good player. smart. ”
“Great net player. Fun match.”
“Moni is a great player... the result isn't accurate since he broke his string and used my racquet to finish the set - DP”
“Was playing with a demo racquet, so the score was a little unfair. Highly enjoyable game. ”
“Very good control on overhead shot.”
“Had a fun match, exceptional control on spin serves with good volleys . Also very fair line calls. ”
“Moni is relentless coming to the net and has beautiful drop volley shots. also has a consistent serve. very tough competitor”
“Moni is as usual played well. Though I managed to better my previous scores, I have great difficulty in dealing with his spins.”
“Gentleman and solid player”
“Moni is way better player than me. He gave me lot of tips. I think it will help me to improve the game.”
“Had fun playing with Moni...will play again sometime”
“Moni is the hardest working player I have ever played against. He puts 100% into all his shots, and it is a joy to play against.”
“Moni's ground shots have great depth, and as others have noted his volleys are superb. Great game.”
“Super net game”
“Enjoy playing with Moni. His net and volley game was great yesterday....looking for a rematch...”
“Very nice guy. Pretty solid on both wings with a good net game. Would be great to play again.”
“Good net game”
“Complete player over the court, nice game & enjoy playing with Moni. ”
“Exceptional net and volley game!”
“Subramoni has a terrific serve and net game. He has a deadly forehand too and is well on his way to becoming a 4.0 player. Also at the end of the game, he provided some valuable feedback on my game.”
“We played at santa clara tennis center as Mission college is closed this wed and the next.”
“it was fun to play with Moni”
“Awesome serves, and phenomenal topspin”
“Very impressive doubles player. His net game was extraordinary.”
“nice guy and a good sport. He can consistently come up with winners and has a good kick serve. Also, his net skills are exceptional.”