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Nickname (OCT #):Siva (3485)
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 10/03/2008
Dynamic Rating: 3.65
Description: Good poker player!- Looking to get a good work out and have fun
Matches Played: 285
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 34
No shows: 1
Timely Arrivals: 98% (based on 96 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.75 out of 5 (based on 96 reports)
What Others Say:
“Siva Found my weakness at the right moment and demolished me :-) Smart player. Very good topspin and backhand slices. A gentleman on and off the court.”
“Siva is very friendly. Nice guy to hit with.”
“Siva's running forehand passing shots are just awesome. Hitting a clean winner against him is never easy. Very consistent serves. Overall a pleasant person to play with. ”
“Siva has recently switched to poly strings which is a big change, so was having a difficult day. Also didn't seem 100% physically. Would like to play him again once he is used the strings and having a better day”
“Siva has developed very good topspin shots recently which makes it very difficult to hit the ball cleanly. His court coverage is also great and don't you ever try to lob a ball over is head.”
“Playing Siva is always fun both in terma of good tennis and great social experience. Siva played exceptionally well in the final set of our match and it shows on the scoreboard.”
“consistent stroke ”
“Playing Siva is always fun. He place with pace which is always nice to respond to. He is also an exceptionally polite and smiling person.”
“Awesome consistency and tough defensive game. Great workout! - Steve”
“nice player”
“Siva has a great forehand and knows how to finish the short balls close to the net. If he cuts down on the unforced errors, he will be extremely hard to beat.”
“very nice and courteous guy. Plays aggresively, Solid groundstrokes. Very Strong return of serve.Would like to play with siva again”
“Good top spin shots. Aggressive player who will come up to the net to finish points. With consistency, he will be a 4.0 player.”
“Aggressive forehand and consistent backhand. Great sport spirit.”
“Siva is a nice guy with good court manners. A pleasure to play him. ”
“Consistent player. ”
“Good all around player. Nice use of top spin.”
“Siva uses Strong topspin and one handed backhand to dominate. I enjoyed playing with Siva and hope to play again.”
“He has variety of shots, good top spin”
“It was a good game. Good consistent player. ”
“Siva is absolutely fun to play with. He is consistent, makes powerful shots, have great control and precision, and covers the net very well.”
“Consistent topspin serve and forehand.”
“Good guy to play or partner with.”
“Siva is always a great person to play.”
“Last time i played him he demonstrated his defense. This time he was hitting winners one after other. He has a killer forehand slice which drops right near the net. Good first serve % as well. Keep going with the same momentum. Looking forward to play with you again.”
“Siva is an excellent tennis player with reliable first serve, solid defensive , good slice shot backed up with amazing fitness. Good top spin on the rally. On top of all this, he is an very nice person. Very courteous & we had nice little chat during the break.”
“Nice as usual. This time showing strong second set performance. Great to play Siva again!”
“Enjoyed playing with Siva. We are planning further matches.”
“Siva's skills did not start translating into points until the second part og the second set. Siva is a great player and our match should have been much closer than the scores suggest. He is also a very pleasant person to play tennis with.”
“Siva has an uncanny accuracy of hitting winners from the most difficult angles. Nice guy to play.”
“He was on time. I got late by 15 minutes, but he waited patiently... I enjoyed the game with him. It could have been anybodys game..I will want to play with him in future as well.”
“Great top-spin baseline hits.”
“Siva is a very competitive player and is endowed with a clean slice. Enjoyed the game.”
“Siva is a very competitive player and has a gifted slice!”
“Is a great guy to play tennis with. Siva has a good overall game.”
“Very nice player.”
“Great guy!”
“nice player..”
“Siva is a nice guy, very courteous. His shots a a lot of spin so be careful :-) ”
“good game”
“Decent Gentleman !”
“Siva is very nice!!!”
“Siva is getting good !”
“It was a good come back game for siva in the 2nd set , I almost lost the 2nd set.”
“Had a very competetive match. Siva is good for his rating. Would play again”
“Siva is a great player. His game is continuously improving. He plays very competitively and it's really fun to play with Siva. ”
“Fun to play with Shiva.”
“Good matches and enjoyed playing with him.”
“Siva is a gentleman. I had fun playing aganist him. He play very well, will play against him again in the near future.”
“Great fun playing with him. ”
“Siva is a very nice guy to play tennis with. I'd play with him again.”
“Nice Guy”
“good to play with...”
“Siva is a life saver! I locked my keys in my car and not only did he call CAA, he waited with me and kept me company! Thank you Siva!”