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Name: Serge K
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 10/05/2004
Dynamic Rating: 3.57
Description: N/A
Matches Played: 269
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 41
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 100% (based on 96 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.64 out of 5 (based on 96 reports)
What Others Say:
“Serge has great serves and fast, flat forehands. Just a little consistency is all he needs to elevate his game.”
“An all rounded player. Has strong serve and great form on both forehand and backhand. ”
“Got a solid and effortless forehand, makes lot of winners out it. Good serve with lot of bounce. ”
“Powerful serve and flat forehand.”
“Always good playing Serge. Nice guy and well rounded tennis player--strong serve, good court coverage, nice forehand and steady backhand.”
“Excellent player. Very steady, great form.”
“Serge played a good doubles match. His returns were impressive.”
“Serge has good first/second serve. Very good at some cross court shots as well. ”
“great attitude,fun to play with.”
“Serge K is excellent player, i enjoyed playing with him. ”
“super nice & polite player with solid skills... I lost but had fun playing with him! ”
“good serve”
“It was great to play with Serge, he has a good overall game.”
“Nice guy.”
“Serge can hit some great angled shots.”
“nice guy”
“Good serve”
“Great match!”
“Not happy about his own strok whenever he makes a mistake. Not good to see because it disturbs me.”
“Good player with solid groundstrokes”
“Just hit ground strokes; did some drills”
“Serge is a smart player, fun to play with”