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Name: Sunder Sarangan
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 09/06/2009
Dynamic Rating: 4.16
Description: Played in leagues in India; recently moved to Cupertino.
Matches Played: 129
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 19
No shows: 1
Timely Arrivals: 94% (based on 59 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.42 out of 5 (based on 59 reports)
What Others Say:
“Sunder had very good shots tonight. Powerful serve and forehand. Good job!”
“Nice player playing high risk tennis. Sunder definitely goes for his shots!”
“very strong forehand and 1st serve.”
“Sunder won lots of free points with his fast serves. The forehand is also deadly and Sunder can hit lots of winners with it. It was a fun and tough match and would love to play Sunder again.”
“Great guy, great tennis.”
“Sundar is a very good player and a nice person. He is recovering from a hamstring injury, and I hope to play him again when he gets back into the groove.”
“Very good overall game with high speed serves. I would like to play him again more times in future.”
“Great to play w/ Sundeer. Man, 'don't think Ive played anyone who slaps his forehand and serve as fast as he does! It makes for some really exciting points..”
“As always amazing player wiht very aggressive game style. Very good forehand, backhand, volley, over head and court coverage. He was off with his serve today that helped me come back in to the match. would love to play him again.”
“Great guy, great tennis. Can't wait to play him again.”
“Sunder has very good serve and amazing forehand. He is one the most aggressive players on one click. He likes to go for his hard hitting shots. - Tushar”
“Very strong forehand and serve. Would like to play again.”
“Very good serves and court coverage. Powerful shots that wiz by the court before you can reach them. Would love to play and try again. ZGood player 4.0 +”
“Nice player with powerful shots on both sides. Sunder just needs to be more consistent and he will be very dangerous.”
“Way out of my league with Sunder. Best player I've played with OCT.”
“good aggressive and fair player.. with consistency will move much higher”
“The only thing Sunder is missing from his game is consistency. He is a naturally gifted athlete, has a good forehand and has good pop on his first serves. Hopefully as his knee gets better his game will too. ”
“Love playing against Sunder. We always have hard hitting rallies. He's a very nice guy, very competitive and has the best serve on OCT I have seen.”
“Fantastic player. All facets of game superb! Very nice guy, very fair calls. A pleasure to play!!! ”
“One of the best opponents I played so far in 1Click. He has a very solid game and I think he should be around 4.5. I look forward to playing more with him.”
“Sunder plays his game irrespective of what the score is. Very powerful shots with wonderful athleticism. If he can improve on unforced errors then he would be unbeatable ”
“Energetic young player with powerful strokes but questionable shot selections. 4.0 player for sure. ”
“Sundar has the hardest first serve I have seen on OCT. I enjoyed my match with him.”
“Sunder is a high-class stylish player with incredible quickness. He had a brief period of making errors (mainly serving faults) in the first set but then he dominated the game as anticipated. Sunder has a pleasant personality and perfect manners.”
“Very powerful serves and tricky slices. Good match. Too bad one side of the court was in shade making it difficult to see the ball.”
“good forehand and 1'st serve ... once consistent will move up the ladder”
“Sunder is mentally very strong and one of the few players who can go for shots at difficult times in the match. That itself tells that he should be much higher ranked”
“very powerful forehand and the best serve I have seen till now”
“Sunder will be rated higher very soon. Great game.”
“Nice attacking game with a great forehand winners. If he gets his first serve % up, he will be hard to beat. Nice game, would love to play again.”
“Friendly player.”
“good fast serves, powerful forehand, weaker backhand. if he works on consistency will move much higher.”
“Good power on forehand. Sunder just needs to reduce a little bit his unforced errors to bring his level up.”
“What a great player, Sunder has a powerfull serve and a forehand weapon, great player all over the court, his rating will raise fast. Jose”
“Great timing on Sunder's forehand return...also, his first serve has some thunder!”
“good serve and forehand, good touch around net”
“Got power shots and very atheletic”
“Strong shots off both sides with a big serve to back it up. I had fun playing this match with Sunder.”
“Good strong forehand and backhand. Would like to play with him again.”
“He is very Athletic, has very good forehand and serves and a decent backhand. It is fun playing with Sunder.”
“Exceptional player! MUCH better than his dynamic rating indicates. Easily a 4.0+ Good serve, excellent court coverage/defense, and hard hitting ground strokes. Tough opponent to beat!”