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Nickname (OCT #): (4448)
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 09/18/2009
Dynamic Rating: 4.12
Description: N/A
Matches Played: 53
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 5
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 100% (based on 39 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.64 out of 5 (based on 39 reports)
What Others Say:
“Kenta is a very polite person with very consistent tennis game. He makes me play better today as he was feeding me very nice balls during the warm-up. Great serves and forehands. Will play Kenta again soon.”
“Kenta is my lefty twin. Playing against him was like playing against myself. Lefty spin serves, strong forehand, quick, and a fighter. I had a great time playing against him.”
“We had long and tough match. He is a quiet and friendly guy with great mobility and forehand. Very good player and enjoyed playing with him.”
“It was a real pleasure playing Kenta. His game has really improved recently. He has the sweetest left-handed forehand I have ever seen. His back hand used to be a liability but today he got quite a few backhand winners against me. He is extremely generous with line calls and a very pleasant person to chat with during breaks.”
“Nice serves and a beautiful forehand. Makes very few mistakes making him a very tough opponent. I would love to play with him again.”
“Very balanced and consistent player. Got good topspin in his forehand.”
“Well played. Good luck for the finals”
“Kenta has a wicked spinning serve which is very effective against the unprepared. A very solid player makes for an enjoyable game.”
“Great match with Kenta. We had very long rallies. I guess what made the difference at the end is the physical condition. Kenta is slim and doesn't tire easily while I need to lose some unneeded weight.”
“Kenta is a very good player,with great consistency in both forehand as well as back hand.I am looking forward to play more matches with him.”
“Kenta - thanks for agreeing to rescdule when I was ill...Sorry could not give you a good game due to my injury”
“Very nice person! Good player too.”
“Our match lasted for 2h45 including 2 tie breaks. Kenta is extremely consistent and keeps unforced errors to a minimum. typical rallies were 20 strokes...I really enjoyed to battle and look forward to next match.”
“Kenta is a great player. good serves and ground strokes.”
“Kenta has a beautiful lefty game and is very quick on his feet. He makes very few errors and is very generous on line calls. I really enjoyed my match with him.”
“Kenta is a solid player. This was a close match and I am satisfied with the effort I put on the court. Looking forward to another rematch.”
“good allround player”
“Tough opponent! Controls the ball well and moves from end to end with ease. Makes very few errors and sustains long rallies until his opponent gives up. ”
“Kenta is very pleasant and courteous. He is consistent and fast. He is playing extremely well for someone who started tennis just a year ago. ”
“Kenta is a talented up and coming player with solid ground game on both sides that he can dictate play with. Unforced errors are a rarity. Prepare to bring both your A game and your B game, cuz you gonna need both. Great guy, too.”
“Good allround player.”
“Very steady player and very quick. Good strokes. ”
“Very good forehand shots, consistent backhand and serves and cover the court well. Fun playing with him.”
“Very consistent over all game”
“Very kind and humble player.”
“gr8 Gentleman. Nice Game. thanks”
“A lot faster than he looks. Get's everything. Can handle pace and has good ground strokes.”
“Good forehand, Neat double backhand and very consistent. Great control too. Decent topspin serve too. His O.C.T. rating showed 3.09 but he is definitely 3.5 level. He is probably USTA High 3.0. Fast legs and great court coverage. Excellent passing shots.”