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Nickname (OCT #):Boshen (4528)
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 10/13/2009
Dynamic Rating: 4.21
Description: N/A
Matches Played: 47
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 7
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 97% (based on 34 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.47 out of 5 (based on 34 reports)
What Others Say:
“Boshen is a class act. I didn't have my water and he insisted on sharing his. Very consistent on both wings and a good match as always.”
“All-court player with great timing and court sense!”
“Boshen's a great guy who is a lot of fun to play with. Consistent on both wings with good top spin and solid at the net too. Look forward to playing more”
“A much improved player. We had a fun competitive match.”
“Very consistent player.”
“Good form on all areas - forehand, backhand, volleys. With more games under his belt, he will be a formidable opponent.”
“He goes for his shots and plays a very attacking game and that is what makes playing with Boshen so much fun. He was not 100% fit today, otherwise I know he is capable of doing more damage. Would love to play with him again.”
“Great Forehand, Good anticipation, overall great game. He's a shot-maker and his forehand is his biggest strength, if you cannot play around it then you don't stand a chance. Great attitude adn very courteous.”
“Wow! That was a great match. We got to run like crazy and beat the heck out of tennis balls for nearly 2.5 hours. Boshen is a great guy to play with. Very generous with line calls. There was one very important game point where I slipped and almost fell. The point should have been his - but he insisted that we replay. That is a great sportsman! Boshen has tremendous stamina and fitness. He forgot his water and played the entire 2.5 hours without a drop of water and refused my offer to share mine. I hope to have many more matches with him in the future.”
“Solid player, good forehand and great net play. Could use more consistency on flat first serve, but has a decent second to make up for it. ”
“I really enjoyed my match with Boshen. Do not give him anything short on his forehand or he will kill you. Very generous with line calls and plays the game in the right spirit.”
“Boshen is very agile and quick. Its hard to get a ball by him.”
“Boshen has a beautiful inside- out forehand like Federer. Even though he rarely hits hard on the backhand, he makes very few errors with it. He is very generous with line calls and is a pleasure to play with.”
“Very nice strokes and moves really well. Extremely fair and pleasant player as well.”
“has a good all round game”
“Absolutely no weakness in his game - got to be a 4.0.”
“Good strong ground strokes. Can hit hard. Plays well short cross-court balls. I had to fight hard to win this match.”
“Very good and strong player who will only get better. Very strong forehand and return of serve capability. A great addition to OneClick. ”
“Boshen is so much better than his current rating of 3.72. He can drop, lob and slice shots as well as hit with hard topspin on both forehand and backhand.”
“Good player on both sides with excellent defense.”
“Nice guy, with some more consistency he would be difficult to beat. Good serve and forehand”
“Boshen is a nice guy. He played defensively for majority of the match because he is playing again after a long time. He has excellent aggressive cross court shots and a great defensive game.”
“Boshen is a very nice guy and a very consistent player. The match wasn't so interesting or enjoyable because we both played defensive points that went for too long and were tiring. This match was more of "who is going to make the error first". Boshen prevailed. Congrats to him.”
“Friendly person and a good player. Despite pain in his shoulder, he still directed the ball nicely and managed to win the second set swiftly. Great net coverage and accurate lobs.”
“Boshen is a friendly guy. He has good technique and a solid forehand. He is very tentative on his backhand which is his main weakness. He's consistent with his serves but doesn't put enough on his first serve. ”