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Name: Andy Wagner
Age Group:Adults (18-50)
Member Since: 11/08/2009
Dynamic Rating: 4.48
Description: N/A
Matches Played: 96
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 9
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 99% (based on 59 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.64 out of 5 (based on 59 reports)
What Others Say:
“Great guy, great game top to bottom.”
“Good guy, good game”
“2Good !! ”
“Nice player to play with. ”
“he has a great forehand and a good serve. i look forward to playing against him again. good match”
“Can dictate game with a strong heavy forehand. Nearly unassailable backhand slice that stays low and penetrates. You can see that he has been a 5.0 player before. Currently a good 4.5 player.”
“Cool and easygoing guy made for an enjoyable match even though it was pretty one-sided, low and deep slices and heavy forehands along with solid varied serving, great player!”
“If you want to play good competitive tennis and also want to enjoy it, Andy is your guy. Generous on line calls and very good player. Would like to play him again.”
“Big serve, nice forehand. I'm looking forward to future matches against Andy.”
“Andy is a much improved player, with fewer errors and stronger forehands, and moves really well even in a hot day!”
“Andy generates a lot of racquet speed with is forehand and serve. The forehand is as good as any I have faced. He is also a good competitor... always look forward to a match with Andy. ”
“Friendly, fair, and tough player with several different strength: heavy forehand, reliable slice backhand, and consistent serving. Doesn't take things too seriously while on the court, yet he will punish if you give him anything down the middle. Looking forward to many more matches in the future! ”
“Andy is a solid player with a deadly forehand. He is also a very nice guy with an excellent sportsmanship. It was a pleasure to play with him.”
“Cool, friendly and down-to-earth guy with a solid all-around game. My game, unfortunately, was not that all-around today (the RUSH concert I went to last night could be responsible for some of that! :P), but to Andy's credit, he played well, moved well, and finished points off easily. Plays as expected (read the descriptions) and will continue improving for sure. Looking forward to another match soon. ”
“Very nice guy. Very strong and deep forehand and spiny 1st serve. ”
“Nice person with a great game. I did not even have a chance against his powerful forehand. He gave me some useful tips and I hope to use them against him some day. ”
“Andy's forehand was great today and he kept me off balance just enough to win 2nd set. Andy does have decent strokes, just needs to get lighter out there and play some legitimate 4.5 ranked players to improve.”
“Very competitive and fun match with great points. Tough to handle his serve! Once Andy gets a little more fit he'll be a major contender!”
“Andy is a pleasure to play with. Except when he's painting the corners -- heavy ground strokes and a cannon serve. Very fair player with classy tennis.”
“Nice playing with Andy”
“Andy's improved much from the last time we played. Forehand is a weapon and his serve, though not fast, has enough spin on it to make you crazy.”
“It was a lot of fun playing with Andy. He has a good personality and a solid forehand. ”
“Andy is deadly. It took all my strength and grit (and a lot of luck) to eke out a win. Great match!”
“Enjoyed playing Andy. Great forehand. Good luck in your comeback....”
“Nice guy and good strokes.”
“Tricky player, varies spins really nicely and because of that, I could never quite find a rhythm the entire match with Andy.”
“Andy says he's getting back into tennis, and reading the feedback it certainly looks like he keeps getting better. He has a great forehand and is deceptively fast. He's got a sliced back-hand that, once it gets going, keeps him in the point forever. I'm looking forward to future matches with Andy!”
“tricky serve, powerful forehand, deep slice backhand. andy's got all the necessary weapons to be on top.”
“Andy just keeps getting better and better. I think it may help the playing field. ”
“Andy has quality strokes and will force you to produce some good tennis... if you can't you will come up short...and Andy is on short balls like a catahoula on pig ears.”
“Andy is exactly what others had already mentioned. Very strong, all rounded player especially the heavy top spin forehand. Plus a nice guy who plays a fair game.”
“Totally outhit and overpowered by Andy today. As John Tsutsui noted, Andy is getting closer to the level that he used to be (5.0). The discouraging part is that Andy's conditions are only about 70% of what he was. Play him when you have a chance before he goes to the top. ”
“Andy is alway a great fighter. I had so many chances today but let Andy off the hook. It was tough and long match but enjoyed it. ”
“Andy hits with very powerful topspin groundstrokes that I found hard to get used to. Good player.”
“good guy with strong forehand.”
“Andy can control most points with his exceptional forehand and can force you to play defense.”
“Andy is a solid player, who's got a forehand weapon and great touches at the net. Andy's also very fair on line calls and displays greatsportsmanship. ”
“Another tough and fun match with Andy. Look forward to playing Andy again.”
“It was nice to play with Andy and pleasantly surprised to see that he has a similar game as mine. He was also a nice guy and generous with line calls. Enjoyed the match but not the on-court distraction at the end of the second set. The distraction also showed he has great mental focus ability. Hope to play more matches with Andy in the future. ”
“Just as I suspected, Andy's game has improved immensely in only 2 weeks. I'm glad I edged by him today because it might be the last time I can hang with him. He's also a great sportsman and an incredibly nice guy. Play him if you get a chance!”
“Rare combination. Honest and aggressive player at the same time. Generates power and top spin. ”
“What a great player, power top spin with offensive shots, Andy is a really nice guy, He gave me fight in each game, Jose”
“Andy is a fantastic addition to OneClick, and it was a pleasure playing him. He's a nice guy, a great sportsman, and he's generous with line calls. He's going to be a very dangerous player as he gets some time on the court. He's definitely a must play if you get a chance.”