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Name: Duc Nguyen
Member Since: 11/01/2003
Dynamic Rating: 3.68
Description: Love the game. As long as the game is good, and fair, win or lose is secondary to me.
Matches Played: 195
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 48
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 96% (based on 103 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.69 out of 5 (based on 103 reports)
What Others Say:
“Always delightful playing with Duc. A sportsman and a gentleman..”
“We played for 2 and a half hours and that was with a 3rd set tiebreaker. Great rallys. Stay away from his killer backhand. Dave”
“Duc played good smart tennis with good spin on his forehand. ”
“Wonderful person on and off court. Well balanced game.”
“Duc played with style and dedication. This created a great match.”
“Duc played very well and created a very pleasant match playing atmoshpere. This makes me want to play more tennis with Duc.”
“Very good to get to play with Duc. Nice guy and tricky player. ”
“All around good player and person. Comptes well without ever being un-sportmas like. ”
“Duc is an elegant player with good forehands, a unique backhand and a high topspin second serve. He is a tough player with pleasing attitude. Would love to play him again.”
“Duc is very friendly and it's always a pleasure to play with him. He is aggressive, hits the ball hard, and have that unique backhand shot that puts alot of power and top spin into the ball.”
“It had been a while since I last played Duc. He's the perfect person to play against. He's very classy, nice, fair and his game is outstanding. He makes you earn every point. All facets of his game are solid, from the serve to groundstrokes to court coverage. Awesome match. Look forward to playing again!!!”
“A tough and fair competitor on the tennis court who treats the match in the right perspective. Play hard and play fair and a great guy off the court”
“Great guy to play with..Fair calls..good court coverage and a great down the line back hand...Always tries to encourage and point out the good aspect of his opponent..pleasure to play with”
“Duc is a great player and good friend.”
“Duc demonstrated his usual spectrum of tricks to dominate the match (extreme kick on his second server, alternating long and short shots, playing to opponent's weaknesses.) He is a very fine player. He is also a perfect sportsman. I always enjoy playing tennis with Duc.”
“Duc is a humble and charismatic tennis player. Fair line calls, great competitiveness, and consistency. Awesome matches - let's play again. Steve”
“Duc is a proven tennis friend and always a great match opponent. His sophisticated spin can challenge everybody.”
“Great guy to play with..very mellow..fair calls”
“A fierce competitor!”
“A very nice guy. Good in forehand top spin.”
“The best part of Duc's game is of course his top-spins and kick serves, especially to the odd court. Really enjoyed playing Duc.”
“There is no better spotaman.”
“What a match! Duc ran me everywhere...and was able to eek out a win....definitely need a rematch. ”
“Duc is a very friendly player and great competitor.”
“Duc always brings his "A" game!”
“Another great battle with "The Duke"!”
“Duc is a brave and crazy man. 100 degrees on court and still fought hard.”
“Duc is a rare example of true sportsmanship. We split sets and I indicated my preference for a supertiebreak but agreed to play a full third set. I ran out of gas and was down 0-2 in the thirs. Duc offerend ignoring the two games and playing a tiebreak instead. Due to pure luck I actually won the tiebreak 12-10. Can anyone point to a better example of sportsmanship. Duc is just great!”
“Duc is a great guy. Good solid game. Scary backhand. Fair to generous line calls. Good match.”
“nice guy”
“Duc is a friendly competitor. Always fun.”
“Great player and great guy. Always fun with Duc.”
“Hits excellent forehand and backhand topspin shots. He is pretty quick around the court. Nice courteous guy.”
“Duc covers the court very well, makes few errors. Backhand was solid. Fun match.”
“Another close match with Duc. We enjoyed many long rallies with different types of shots. He made less errors in the second set and final tie breaker, the thing that made every point harder to win. Looking forward to playing him again.”
“duc is very nice person. Strong forehand as well backhand. Excellent court coverage. Would play next week.”
“Duc has a great inside-out shot that produces alot of top spin on the ball which makes it reflect very fast off the ground. We played a great match and looking forward to playing him again.”
“Duc plays a tough game and became my medic when I fell and scraped up my arm. He provided anti bacteria gel and a bandage. He then proceeded to beat me, but it was a good time. ”
“Finese tennis and perfect manners. Duc is always your friend on the courts.”
“Nice match.”
“Nice person to play with. Good all round player.”
“great guy with wicked top/side spin on both wings. ”
“Fun and competitive.”
“Playing Duc is always a great pleasure. This time wan not different. ”
“Doug is a nice guy to play with...”
“Fun playing with Doug. He cleverly took advantage of a very inconsistent day for me.”
“fun to play with; will play with him again.”
“Questions every close call. Accused me of making bad calls -- first time in 78 matches I've played.”
“I enjoyed playing with Duc. He is plays the game fairly.”
“Good Player. Will play him again”