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Name: Shozo Shimazaki
Member Since: 10/13/2005
Dynamic Rating: 3.96
Description: I live in South San Jose(Cambrian). Will travel to Sunnyvale to play. But, if you live closer to me, feel free to propose a more convenient location for both of us.
Matches Played: 205
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 14
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 99% (based on 117 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.75 out of 5 (based on 117 reports)
What Others Say:
“Tough competitor, smart player..”
“Excellent player /person. Sorry I had to leave early. Love to play again.”
“smart game player. ”
“Very balanced player with well controlled shots, slices and good net play. It is always fun playing Shozo.”
“Great experience playing ,nice game and good person”
“The first ambidextrous tennis player that I have seen. The guy has two forehands; I wish I was half as cool as him:) He pulled a muscle, and played through the pain to win the match. Great sportsmanship. ”
“Consistent Spin Serve and good net play”
“Great consistency in game and no true weaknesses as such. Very generous to provide useful feedback on my game after the match. Look forward to playing him again.”
“He is both handed player. Very different for me..He can come back strongly any time in the game. Has good shots on both sides...”
“Playing tennis with Shozo is always a real pleasure. This time was not different. Shozo came back very strong in the second part of the match and turn it into his impressive win.”
“Great guy, great player.”
“Very nice guy. Good, controlled shots. Would like to have a rematch.”
“Nice guy, fun to play with.”
“Meeting Shozo on the courts is always a super pleasant experience. He brings great tennis playing skills, especially very solid defense, and his charming personality. There is always something interesting to talk about between the games and after playing a match.”
“Shozo is a proven perfect tennis match opponent. He plays elegant tennis, he is a true gentleman with charming personality, and he introduces a sense of calm into a match situation. It was a real pleasure to play tennis with Shozo again.”
“Always a pleasure.”
“Very gracious and courteous. A pleasure to play with.”
“Playing tennis with Shozo is always a great experience. He is a stylish player and presents perfect manners on the court. He showed a very effective defense in our match.”
“Shozo is very competitive as usual and fun to play with.”
“Shozo has a great personality and is very friendly. He has a great net game.”
“Really enjoyed playing with Shozo. Great sportsmanship and competitive play.”
“nice guy”
“Shozo has a great net game. He was rewarded for playing aggressive but also it wasn't really my day. Looking forward for a rematch.”
“Great guy, great tennis player.”
“Very nice and polite person. Solid and Balanced player. Excellent placements, precise Backhand down the line shots. Would like to play with shozo again.”
“Shozo is a quick solid player who gets everything back.”
“Great guy”
“It was an absolute pleasure meeting and playing Shozo. He has a solid, well-balanced game and was fun to talk to.”
“super cool person. Good approach to the net and volleys very well”
“It is always a pleasure to play Shozo.”
“Very Good player, Shozo plays with top spin & good volleys on the net. Have a nice time playing.”
“great player. has a good flat serve and serve/volley game. i think he can be more aggressive. ”
“Shozo is an exceptionally nice person with a solid consistent game. I will definitely try to play him again in the near future.”
“Very nice, mellow guy. Great court coverage speed. Not a huge offensive arsenal, but a very effective player. ”
“great passing shots and lobs. Good control over forehand.”
“A solid player, enjoyed the game.”
“nice person”
“Great 3 1/2 battle with Shozo.”
“Very friendly with great overall game and very few unforced error.”
“Love love playing with Shozo. This gentleman has class, very friendly. Very happy to count him as a tennis player and as a friend. Sham.”
“Shozo is such a kind person, it was my pleasure to play him, talk to him. Very very nice and i can;t wait to play him again.”
“Shozo plays very intelligently and has now developed excellent passing shots and lobs. It is now increasingly difficult to win point off him as he makes so few unforced errors.”
“Another very good match with Shozo - a genuinly good guy and true gentleman. His game has gotten more attacking over the last few months. You need to hit winners against Shozo to win points since he makes so few unforced errors. ”
“Shozo is a true gentleman. But you better bring your A game when you play with him. He is very good and makes you hit winners in order to win points.”
“nice guy. good concistancy...”
“Shozo has great ball control .. very difficult to get the ball past him. Excellent Net Play. Additionally .. Shozo is a gentleman, pleasure to know him and play with.”
“As usual, it was a pleasure to play Shozo”
“Shozo has a very exciting attacking style of tennis. He is very good at the net. When he is returning, you better have some meat on your second serve - otherwise he will put them away. Also he is a real gentleman and very interesting to talk to during breaks.”
“Always a pleasure to play Shozo”
“Good attacking style of tennis. Very good person.”
“Gentleman in the true spirit of the word. Nice backhand and net play.”
“Another great match! Shozo is a must play! Solid game and nice guy!”
“nice guy”
“Very enjoyable match, Shozo was very good with the line calls.”
“Another great match with Shozo! Nice guy & solid game!”
“real nice guy with a solid game - really enjoyed playing with Shozo! A must play!”
“Shozo is a talented tennis player and a good sportsman. ”
“Very Nice guy.”
“Very nice person and great player.”
“Very nice person and good player. Good feedback provided on my game. Appriciate that.”
“Shozo-san is very good player”
“great guy.”