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Name: Steve Song
Age Group:Seniors (51-60)
Member Since: 07/21/2004
Dynamic Rating: 4.25
Description: email me if you want to play :-)
Matches Played: 227
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 18
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 99% (based on 124 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.77 out of 5 (based on 124 reports)
What Others Say:
“Tough player to beat considering he does not have many weaknesses in his game.”
“Steve is a solid all rounded player and has no obvious weakness. The rule of thumb playing him is that you should never count him out until the point is over. That's his strongest point. Run down what you think is a sure winner and return it down the line. Friendly guy off the court. ”
“good player. shows good sportsmanship and tennis etiquette. has nice slice serves and will make you earn the match. ”
“Very fun to play with Steve. Definitely a tough player who effectively adjusts his strategy as needed.”
“Always fun playing with Steve. Be prepared to win each point a few times -- he gets to every ball.”
“Steve has all what you like in a player and person. He is a few good players left in OCT. Look forward to more matches with Steve.”
“Solid play, good stamina. No easy weakness to exploit. Good player.”
“Steve is a gentleman on the court, once again, thank you for putting up with me. Steve's topsping shots really got to me as my wheels just aren't like they should be. Always a pleasure to play Steve as he a great sport and a generous line caller.”
“Steve has an exceptional ability to generate his own pace and spin on his ground strokes. This makes him a "better player" than other average 4.0 players. Better bring your A game to handle Steve's shots. Great guy to play with. Will definitely play Steve again soon.”
“Steve is simply more complete player than I am. I need to serve way better than I did to stand a chance. ”
“Thinking about picking up bowling and retiring my tennis racquets................. My racquets are too heavy (or Steve's shots are too heavy?) I am too slow (or Steve's shots are too fast?). Any good bowling place in San Jose area?”
“Very solid player. Very consistent”
“If Steve is what the higher level player is like, I've got my work cut out for me. He is a fantastic player, heavy groundstrokes, good serve, and solid volleys. I had trouble winning points much less games. He's also a very classy guy, and I enjoyed talking to him after our match. Hopefully I can make him break a sweat next time. ;)”
“Great sportmanship with Steve. I had a bum knee and was very easily distracted. Thanks for being a true gentleman out there Steve and putting up with me. Steve has a wonderful topspin forehand and backhand as well. Very quick to the ball too. Also very generous line caller and a sportsman. Thanks for playing with me Steve.”
“Steve has improved since the last time we played. Steve is a very tough all-court player and it takes a lot of work to win points of him. It was a pleasure to play Steve and I look forward to a rematch.”
“Steve is very consistent and hits well from both wings. Can improve on the backhand side, but overall great variety and control on his serves. Would love to play again with him in the future.”
“excellent shot maker”
“Steve's a cool guy with a great game, his legs definitely being his key weapon; I don't know how many shots I thought I put away only to have Steve pass me with high percentage topspin winners from all corners. With all that running and consistency, it made for one of the longest 2 setters I've played in some time.”
“Steve is very fast, has solid groundstrokes and a tricky serve. He can also be very consistent, when he choses to be. Fun opponent. ”
“Class guy. I always enjoy playing Steve. Hits a heavy ball.”
“Classy player. Nice ground strokes off both sides, quick on offense and a heavy serve. Very fair and pleasant player as well.”
“Great guy and fun to play with. Steve makes me play at higher level than I usually play at. Will play Steven again.”
“Steve's got all the weapons. Has a solid defense game and also can attack with his offensive game. Good guy.”
“It was a lot of fun playing with Steve. Good flat powerful serve and forehand. Nice player with positive competitive spirit.”
“Steve is a gentlemen on the court as always. His game has clearly improved since we last play about 6 months ago. One of the best servers on OneClick. Great match, Steve. Thanks, Tony.”
“Solid game, strong off both sides.”
“Solid player on both the offensive and defensive game. Heavy topspin, especially on forehand side. Great competitor and good sportsmanship as well. Would love to do battles in future matches.”
“Good player with a consistent game and serve.”
“Steve is a good player and a very nice guy. It is always a pleasure playing with him.”
“Steve is a nice guy with a great game. Definitely look forward to playing him again.”
“Had fun playing with Steve.”
“ ”
“Very friendly and courteous gentleman. Very good top spin shots. Very fair on line calls and always enjoy playing with steve. ”
“Steve is very solid and all-around player. I had a tough time winning points against him because he was so good. He is also a nice guy with great sportmanship as well. I hope to play him again. Ty”
“Improved since I last played him. I was exhausted afterwards.”
“Awesome defense skills. Can return your best shots with ease :-) as if he has wheels on his shoes. Had some good fun. -Gurvinder”
“Great guy!!! Great Player!!!”
“Steve is an awesome competitor and a gentlemen, he even dive after my shots.”
“Excellent all-court player and very nice person”
“Perfect gentleman. He has good overall game and is very very fair on line calls. I would like to play Steve anytime. ”
“good player. Has good touch and court positioning!”
“It was an absolute pleasure playing Steve. He is completely fair, friendly, quick on the court, and a good competitor. I didn't have a dampener for my racquet, and Steve offered me an extra 1. Would love to play him again and not make so many errors next time!”
“Steve is an excellent player. Very fast and consistent”
“Very nice person and excellent player.”
“Great play and a great guy.”
“Steve is a great player. Nice topspin forehand and serves.”
“very consistent player, good manner”
“Very friendly and exceptionally courteous, with good sportsmanship. Very fair on line calls (infact gives lot of credit to the opponent). Very good top spin serve and good ground strokes. He has complete overall game and plays smart. I would like to play with steve more times in future. ”
“nice person. excellent shot-placement.”
“Steve has a nice form on his forehand and volleys well. He took advantage of my weakness more than I could do his. Well played. ”
“Steve's a very good player with great serves, solid groundstrokes and awesome net game. His line calls are generous too. He's pretty much an all around solid tennis player. I had fun playing against him. Thanks, Tony.”
“great player....very dangerous forhand. Nice guy with very fair line calls.”
“Steve is a good sportsman and fair (generous) line caller. Enjoyed it Steve....”
“ Steve is very good player and is very fair on line calls.”
“Very friendly, good sportsmanship, good line calls.”
“wonderful match, long rally, steve has good volley”
“I caught Steve on an off day... he has great pace and variety on his shots and is a fierce competitor.”
“As always it is a pleasure to play with Steve. A good combination of competitive yet friendly tennis.”
“Steve is a great player, with good groundstrokes and excellent retreaving ability. I had a tough time winning points again him. ”
“very good top spin game. Looking forward to play with him again.”
“Steve is wonderful person and a very good player. Generous on line calls and a pleasure to play with.”
“Consistent serve, very good volley and decent forehand. Nice person as well. ”
“Steve is very friendly with a good overall game. No weaknesses.”
“It was a hard-fought and exciting match with Steve as always. Look forward to playing Steve again.”
“Steve is a very quick, consistent and tough player with good serves and heavy topspin forehand. I really enjoyed my hard-fought match with Steve and would like to play him again.”
“Steve is a great person to hang around with.”