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Name: Zbigniew J Sufleta
Age Group:Super Seniors 60(61-65)
Member Since: 11/01/2003
Dynamic Rating: 3.99
Description: 6'1" gray hair & beard, glasses
Matches Played: 1072
Matches Cancelled by This Player: 35
No shows: 0
Timely Arrivals: 99% (based on 456 reports)
General Courtesy: 4.77 out of 5 (based on 456 reports)
What Others Say:
“Very good player. Very Nice serves and forehand. I could not judge speed of his balls coming in. Places ball extremely well on the edges of the court.”
“Had great rallies and he has a great movement on the court and strong forehand.”
“Z is fit and has power to hit forhand winners. He also has intelligent conversation. ”
“Z showed again how tough he is. I was very close to winning the match, but still lost. Good match!”
“Z was a little off today and I was able to win more due to his errors than my good shots.”
“Always a pleasure to tennis w/ Z.. Good match.”
“Questionable lines calls.”
“I enjoy playing with Z every time, it was friendly, fun and competitive.”
“It's always a pleasure playing the founder of OCT! His game continues to improve too! His forehand and serve accuracy are among the best I've played against.”
“another good match w/ Z!”
“It was really good playing with Zbigniew again. His serve caused a lot of problems for me. He is very fast and is able to chase down almost all the difficult balls. And of course, he is a real gentleman.”
“I felt like we were both playing better than usual..”
“fair and fun to play with. I would love to play him again”
“He gets to all the balls and returns it like a wall. Very impressed on his forehand cross court shots. Really a weapon that he uses to bail out from trouble. Looking forward to play him again.”
“Getting stronger every time I play him. Impressed!”
“It was a pleasure playing with Z. He is a solid player with a great attitude. I hope to meet again! ”
“Z is very helpful and wonderful person on and off the court. Tricky flat serves and very good control on the baseline ground strokes. I would love to play him anytime anywhere again. ”
“Always fun to play Z.. He plays a tricky, inside the base-line game.”
“Enjoyed the match with Z. He has a great forehand, but he seemed to be having an off day. Looking forward to playing him again.”
“Enjoyed play, like to have more chances to play again.”
“It was a pleasure playing Z. He is fast and a fantastic forehand. Would love to play him again.”
“Good guy to play with.”
“It's always a pleasure to play Z.”
“I enjoyed playing Z, the match was competitive and friendly. Great person.”
“Always fun to play Z. His forehand is getting stronger every time I play him.”
“His flat forehand shots have gotten stronger. He hits harder than most anyone I've played against on OCT.”
“As always, nice playing with Z!”
“Zbigniew was a gentleman.”
“Playing Z is always fun and challenging. Good ”
“I really enjoyed playing with Zbigniew!His court coverage is phenomenal!”
“It was great to meet the mastermind behind this great service! Tricky serve.”
“Another fun match with Z. Conditions were a bit tricky with unpredictable gusts of wind, but we made the most of it. Z had some very nice low, cross courts as well as some impressive defense!!! ”
“Z is a class act. Great guy and fun to play with.”
“It was fun playing Z again. He has an excellent low-flat forehand that he uses quite effectively. Also, Z is a supremely nice guy.”
“As always, it was great experience playing with Z.We had a very close match today. Could've gone either way.”
“Z's physicality continues to amaze me. Despite having just ascended a very steep mountain the day before, he was still running around the court and defending exceptionally well. He's a machine!!!”
“It's a pleasure to finally play with Z. It was a fun match with great sportsmanship from Z. Z definitely knows how to handle those short balls with his forehand.”
“Z continues to improve his very hard hitting forehand shots. He also played some really solid D today.”
“Always fun playing with Z. Thanks.”
“Z has improved since the last time we played and it's always fun playing with Z. Z is a gentleman on and off the court and I'd love to play Z anytime.”
“Another highly competitive match with Z. Tons of great rallies, multiple deuce games. Very fun match!!! ”
“Very nice guy with strong consistent game. Hope to play again. ”
“Nice game. Always fun to play with Z”
“First time to have the pleasure of playing tennis with mr sufleta. We had a great time and a great match. He definitely has some tricky, low-skidding serves and forehands.”
“Z is nice and gentle person. His level of consistency is great. His strong forehand and low flat strokes are tricky. Gave me some good tips to improve my game. Thanks Z. Want to play more with you. ”
“Consistent play, many approach shot winners. Enjoyed a close and competitive game.”
“Enjoyed playing with Z. Will play again.”
“Nice forehand. Had fun playing all the 3 sets.”
“friendly competitor”
“We had a close match today. Z played consistently with a low % of errors.As always, very strong with Forehand.”
“Hard fought match, could have gone either way. Z's forehand gets faster and stronger each time we play. Well done match.”
“Fun & Competitive. Improved consistent forehand.”
“having very close match - had almost 15 deuces in one of the games but he had to retire because of pain in leg. He has flat first serve and strong forehand.”
“I had not played Z in a couple years . . It was great to play him again, and unfortunate he had to retire . . . The match could have gone either way.”
“Z is fast and consistent and his low flat shots are a lot faster than they appear to be. Always a pleasure to play with Z.”
“Z's a great competitor and wonderful sportsman. Has a good inside out forehand so keep it to his backhand.”
“Always fun to play my friend Z. We have great rallies and his backhand has improved considerably. As usual his forehand is ridiculously lethal. ”
“It was a pleasure playing with the founder of oneclicktennis. Great sportsman and nice guy. Even with leg injuries, he was ready to play. Nice forehand and consistent shots. ”
“It was a pleasure to finally play Z. Z's flat forehand are fast and can produce winners. It was also fun to chat with Z during changeovers. Look forward to playing Z again.”
“Z is very friendly and has great tennis etiquette. He also has a great forehand- expect to see several balls go by for winners. I enjoyed the match- thanks, T”
“Love matches with Z. His deadly forehand never ceases to amaze!”
“Great player with good insights.”
“With his weight loss Z is now a new man. Plays aggressive and moves extremely well. ”
“Z played exceptional today! Deadly forehand, steady backhand, and some great gets. Showed a tremendous amount of tenacity. A great (but exhausting) match!!!”
“Great tennis player and an awesome personality. Consistent ground strokes and powerful serves. Would love to play with him again.”
“Its always good experience playing with Z. Powerful forehand and consistent ground strokes. ”
“Another great match with Z. Penetrating strokes. Great conversations. Competitive and friendly tennis.”
“It was excellent playing with Z..He has a very consistent game. Be prepared for long ralleys....His forehand and backhand are both very good. Will love to play with him again.”
“Very smart player with a deadly forehand. Always gave me a different ball so I could never get in a groove. Z is also a very charming person to talk to”
“he is really very good on forehand. fun to play with.”
“Always fun to play with. ”
“Tree Of Life was great!!!”
“Another great match with Z...”
“Couldn't return his low flat and fast serves to my backhand. Admired his age defying game. Has a great flat & hard forehand. Rest all good words said about him by others are true. See you in another 6 months after I improve my serves :-)”
“Great guy, deceptively controlled game”
“Z is a pleasure to play! A good sport and tough competitor!”
“Z is great sportsmen. very good on line calls and very friendly person overall. Would like to play with him again.”
“we did have a few problem with line calls. but then we agreed that we're just playing for fun, if needed we can always replay the point. there is no reason for a fuss. After that, the match went much better.”
“Very friendly. Flat, powerful serve and forehand. Great match!”
“Z is not only a regular tennis partner but he's a friend, and one I thoroughly enjoy playing. He's a big man, not just in stature but also in the more important aspect--character. He is a very intelligent, fair, and unselfish person. Simply put, the world is a better place with Z in it!”
“WELL PLAYED MATCH. Z played very good. I am impressed.”
“Great attitude and good competitor. Would play with him anytime. ”
“Very nice player. low hard and flat forehands and consistent serves; and a gentleman. Definitely would play tennis with Mr. Z again. ”
“Great player and very enjoyable games with Z!”
“Z improved a lot since the last time we played. Forehands were powerful and backhands were very consistent. He was also attacking the net a lot more than before. We had to play a third set tiebreak due to time constraints, hopefully we can play a complete match the next time”
“Z will punish you if you give him the opening. His aggressive style really paid dividends for him today!”
“Exceptional player. Very aggressive. Very athletic. ”
“always a nice guy.”
“Z has a strong understanding of the game and plays with great purpose in terms of depth, spin, and angle. ”
“Z has really improved his game and fitness level.”
“Very good player. Excellent timing on shots, and some unorthodox shot that make it difficult to play him. ”
“Another great and competitive match with Z. ”
“Very good, wicked forehand, deceptive serve, excellent footwork. Zbig is a very smart player and a real gentleman.”
“fun playing with Z. He has an interesting serve and has good a good understanding of the semantics of the game. ”
“Z is gentleman, very courteous person. Very fair on line calls. Maintains high standard for one click. Would love to play with him again.”
“Z'a game has really improved. Always a pleasure to play with him.”
“He' a very nice guy”
“Nice forehand. Stable backhand. Flat consistent service. It was honor to play with Z.”
“Great playing with and catching up with Z. Quick movement and very hard/low/angled forehand. Fun to play against and fun to talk with. ”
“Z improved his game and fitness. Will become a solid player soon.”
“Z plays a very consistent and smart game. He is in great shape and will run your balls down. He disguised his powerful forehand well and he hits at last minute which was very hard for me to read his shots. We had a challenging and enjoyable match.”
“Great guy. Good inside-out forehand, put away short balls. ”
“Z has transformed himself into someone 20 years younger! He is much faster and stronger, his shots more accurate, and his serves more deceptively effective! Of court he is still the same old gregarious and generous person that he always has been. Thanks.”
“Z has such a happy persona; makes the game fun”
“"Z" plays well. The match was fun. One Click is great!”
“Uses his experience very well. Has a great court sense and uses his mind really well. As usual, excellent competitor and a very nice guy to play/talk with.”
“Great person and a player. Highly consistent. Would love to play him again”
“Great to finally play Z. Enjoyed the match, look forward to playing you again.”
“I've played Z so many times now, so rather than commenting on his (excellent) tennis abilities, I'd like to go off road and say something completely different yet sincere. Z for president! If not president then at least governor of CA! He'll get my vote if he runs for either office. ”
“Z is a great competitor.”
“Z played a very smart match to beat me. Always a pleasure.”
“Z is always great to play with.”
“Z is in excellent shape, thanks to his diet and walking regimen - great court coverage, defence and returns - I'd hit what I think are winners 4,5 in a row on opposite sides of the court and they just keep coming back!”
“Always great to play Z. As far as his game: persistent, aggressive, and steady throughout the match. Regardless of how far up or down he may be, he doesn't waver from his game plan/strategy. Solid player! ”
“Always a pleasure playing against Z.”
“Good ball movement after bounce because of strong spin.”
“Z has a powerful forehand, a good net game and an overall consistent game. However, I have to say that I didn't like that he doubted my calls not once, not twice but a number of times while I didn't doubt him once. You must trust your opponent's calls as much as your opponent trusts yours. After a while, I found myself hesitant to call any of his balls out anymore because I was concerned he would argue about it and that was totally unfair. I honestly believe that none of those balls that he argued about was actually IN. I was close to the ball everytime and it didn't touch the line. I expected a different type of experience from the father of OneClickTennis.”
“the father of oneclick plays a very consistent and smart game - both challenging and enjoyable. ”
“Great to finally play Z--learned a lot about tennis statistics; difficult to read his serve; Z has a very strong forehand that is tricky to handle”
“Z is a nice guy, fair line calls.”
“Z is a true gentleman on the court. He's also a fighter on every point. ”
“What can I say?”
“Great player and visionary.”
“Nice even match. Z is very pleasant, and seems to enjoy good play more than winning.”
“It was a gr8 experience. Nice person/Sportsman to play with. Nice Gentleman. thanks”
“it was a great match. can't wait to play again with him.”
“I had fun playing him.”
“Always great to play with the Father of OneClick!”
“Z, looks like I packed the balls into my bag after the game without realizing - srry about that.”
“Great meeting and playing Z.”
“Always great to play with the Godfather!”
“very courteous, good player. Excellent forehand, hit at sharp angle. Strong & tricky Serve. Would like to play again with Z.”
“Z has superb forehand and his net game left me clueless as how to handle him. He was little tired with international flight travel but still he had amazing reflexes and forehand consistency. Regardless of result, he broke my game, my game plan and pushed me to good extend. Would love to play with him anytime.”
“we always have a great and competitive match. Z brings out the best in my playing.”
“very good and competitive match. thanks Z.”
“It's always a pleasure playing Z. He's all class all the time.”
“I enjoyed playing him. he was fun .”
“It was fun playing with Z”
“Excellent individual”
“very competitive and fair. ”
“Great player, good moves & nice time playing.”
“Finally got to meet "Z". He is a awesome player and quick on the court. Enjoyed playing with him.”
“Solid player, good forehand ”
“very nice guy”
“It was good to play with Z. He has very good serves.”
“Z played exceptionally well. He had 1st serve percentages in the high 90's. I had to fight hard to overcome a double match point. ”
“Enjoyed the match. Z plays quite aggressively. He'll beat up a weak serve if given the opportunity. Great guy and an absolute pleasure to chat with.”
“wonder full person with strategic game ”
“I have twice had the pleasure of playing a match against Z. He looks for your weaknesss and then pounds away at it.”
“Excellent guy! very patient with my English... I only can thank him! ”
“The great "Z". So nice to meet the God of OneClick!”
“the man with the master plan. Very positif and relaxed. It was fun to play with Z.”
“Z is too good player for his age. Good tactical player and has amazing enthusiasm to play more and more..improves on and on as the match progresses. ”
“great player and great effort!”
“A good allround player. Encourages others irrespective of whether he wins the point or not.”
“Excellent player”
“Z is nice and courteous. He had problem scheduling the match but was very communicative and open about it. It was nice to know a nice person. He had tough time from his partner but was handling everything very nicely. - Yogesh”
“Z and I had a great match. I really enjoyed playing him. Do not let his size fool you . . . he is quick on the court and has a very effective inside-out forehand to the Ad Court and has deceptive power.”
“good calls, and cheerful both when doing well and not well.”
“Strong serve, Sure of himself on the court, good communication with partners, very nice person, ”
“GREAT MATCH with good conversation. Z does a great job with the site and it was a pleasure to play with him. Thanks”
“Very nice personality, good flat serves and forehand. ”
“On time and had fresh balls”
“Z is a great guy as we all know!”
“Zee is a great guy and fun to play with”
“It was nice to play the founder of oneclicktennis. It was great to hear from him that oneclicktennis will be expanding. Go OneClickTennis!!!”
“It was a pleasure to meet Z. He is a great man with great ideas.”
“Gentleman, courteous person. Great Serve and volleys.It was wonderful opportunity to play with him. ”
“Z made the game enjoyable even when I wasn't in the best of spirits. Thanks Z! I'll give you a better game next time.”
“Alway enjoyable playing Z”
“He is a Great and Motivational man.”
“z is a pleasure to play with and very polite...”
“Devastating forehand, great net efficiency, fascinating post game conversation, a "must play"”
“It was a pleasure and honor playing Z! He's got a real passion for the game, and he possesses a deceptively fast serve and forehand. They come up on you before you know it, and it's a heavy ball that's difficult to deal with. I really enjoyed our match.”
“Z is a great guy, nice to finally meet him. Would love to play him again.”
“Great passion and enthusiasm for the game.”
“Always a pleasure to play Z.”
“It was great to finally play with the founder of one click.. he has lots of passion for the game and it makes for a fun match. A must play!”
“Z is a gentleman and great competitor, had fun, nice game”
“It was a real pleasure to meet Z and to play tennis with him. Thank you for a very fun match, and for all you do for OCT!”
“As great as always.”
“Had a fun match against Z. Every time I thought I had him down he came roaring back and won. Has a deceptive serve that I had trouble with because it looks like it is low, but consistently comes in, and fast.”
“Z has a wicked forehand, smart game and will run down your every ball. It was a pleasure meeting and playing with the kingpin of oneclicktennis, as well as getting a personal introduction to the oneclicktennis community!”
“Effectively serve to my weak back hand.”
“Z's great to play with. Fast and tricky forehand. ”
“Z is a gentleman and a competitor. Great combination. I enjoyed playing with him and hope we can play again.”
“Z's reputation precedes him. His a true gentleman. ”
“Great athlete, making super shots despite elbow pain.”
“Z was early arrival, enjoyed playing him.”
“Great guy to play with. Excellent forehand”
“It is always pleasure to play with Z.”
“Advantage of playing with the Boss of One Click - he knows how to get a court :-)”
“Very consistent forehand and backhand and very good match temperament.”
“Z is a great competitor and an outstanding spokesman for OneClick.”
“Z has such passion for the sport. He's a good sportsman and great for the game. ”
“Z is a good opponent. He came out of his way to promote "oneclick". It was nice playing with the king pin, the organizer. This is a great idea and working program. Thank you.”
“I had a wonderful time meeting "Z" and playing the match with him. He's a very generous competitor.”
“Enjoyed hit with Z. nice guy”
“I enjoyed the match! ”
“Let me add to the very positive feedback of "Z", he is an excellent ambassador for this website. Be careful, do not feed his forehand :)”
“Z is a great guy, as everyone on knows. Playing with him was a pleasure, and I hope to be able to play him again soon!”
“As everyone on oneclick knows, playing with Z is always a pleasure. ”
“a good player;very nice person”
“I appreciated the personal introduction to the program.”
“Great camaradarie! I appreciate his feedback on where I can improve and he is a great sportsman. Honest on close line calls.”
“"Z" is a very classy individual. So far the nicest person I've player on OneClick”
“Z is a truely passionate tennis player, good to have him on one click.”
“Z Hustles on the court and has some deadly surprise shots. Nice Guy!”
“Calls very fairly.We had some controversial line call from me which Z agreed to play again amicaby :-) .”
“It was enjoyable”
“It's great to see the kind of passion and competitiveness that Z exhibits. Good all around game too.”
“Z is an amazing guy, who I hope to meet again. Not to mention a great player.”
“excellent player”
“A pleasure. I'd certainly like to play him again, but he has played over 350 different people so I don't think I'll get the chance!”
“Excellent player. Made me run more than i thought i could. Taught me a few things.”
“Enthusaiatic person.”
“Z was late, having a hard time finding the court. The Winter Lodge court that I selected imight be hard to find if you have never used it. If you use the Winter Lodge for the first time, please check the map! Also, he reminds me that how important that you keep the contact information of the opponent before you leave the house. He kept calling me letting me know his status, so I did not need to worry or wonder.”
“we had an excellent work-out and z is a great sportsman, looking forward to a re-match”
“Awesome sportsmanship, deadly backhand/forehand on short balls.”
“Z, you're the man. You're a heck of competitor, a great player, and a great guy. Have a great trip!”
“Z arrived rite on time. ”
“Good match.”
“Z is a gr8 guy...Looking at his Enthusiasm & Passion for Tennis, Z is 20 yrs younger than his age...I m very much inspired by Z...Keep Going Z!”
“killer shot making, powerfull ground strokes..”
“Once at court, very friendly and courteous.”
“I know Zee and he's always been exceptional on the court. ”
“High tennis standards, alwayse new balls”